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Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Blackberry Z10 PowerPoint Presentation
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Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Blackberry Z10

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Blackberry Z10

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Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Blackberry Z10

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  1. Samsung Galaxy SIIIvsBlackberry Z10 By KaelinGruhn

  2. SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII SPECIAL FREATURES: The Samsung Galaxy SIII has many unique and helpful features like Smart Stay. It shuts off the screen when you are asleep. The screen will stay on as long as you look at it. It is a useful tool to help save battery life. Another interesting feature is S Voice. You can ask it to take pictures, answer incoming calls and set alarms. This phone also has S Beam. When you touch two Samsung Galaxy SIII back to back, you can transfer pictures, music, movies and more. S Beam

  3. SAMSUNG GALAXY S III ACCESSORIES There aren’t very many accessories specifically made for this phone. The first one that I found is the Desktop Dock. It’s a small dock that will sit the phone up straight. The flip cover is a magnetic cover that covers the screen of the phone. It protects the screen from scratches and keeps it clean.

  4. BLACKBERRY Z10 SPECIAL FEATURES: The blackberry hub is a special feature that allows you to swipe through different screens. You can go from the calendar to you messages and emails with a swipe of your finger. The blackberry keyboard lets you type faster and effortlessly by suggesting words. If you tend to mistype a word, it will adjust so you type the right word.

  5. My Favorite I think I would choose the Samsung galaxy SIII because it comes in different sizes of gigabytes and I like the look of it better. The two phones have the same camera, price, internet and speed but the Samsung galaxy SIII comes with cool accessories and features.