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Delighting our Customers with Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Delighting our Customers with Social Media

Delighting our Customers with Social Media

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Delighting our Customers with Social Media

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  1. Delighting our Customers with Social Media Tola Petgrave

  2. Agenda • Existing Environment • Demographics by Platform • Social Media Overview for ServiceMaster • Identified Quick Fixes • Best in Class • Competitors • Social Media Campaign (service industry) • Best Practices • Strategy • Effective ROI measures • Talent Acquisition strategy • Recommendations

  3. Existing Environment

  4. What is Social Media? Social media avenues are web-based platforms that facilitate social interaction between companies, organizations, communities and individuals.

  5. Demographics • Facebook has 1.11 billion monthly active users • Twitter has more than 550 million users, and is the fastest-growing social network globally • The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 age bracket, registering a 79% increase in active users since 2012.

  6. Social Media best practices should be shared across the companies

  7. Internet Users who use Social Media Internet Users who use Social Media by Sex Internet Users who use Social Media by Age Internet Users who use Social Media by Location Internet Users who use Social Media by Income Demographics by Platform

  8. Identified issues with easily implementable solutions 1) Optimize ServiceMaster’s current social media pages 2) Link social media accounts across platforms - including use of widgets and badges on brand websites 3) Ensure that cover and profile photos on social media clearly demonstrate ServiceMaster’s brand identity 4) Create a Facebook page for each Servicemaster business unit

  9. ServiceMaster’s Current Social Media Pages are not optimized - Currently, ServiceMaster is listed as a “Place,” not a “Page” on Facebook. - By creating a page from the ServiceMaster topic, ServiceMaster will increase its total Facebook likes by more than 2000% - Optimize ServiceMaster’s profile picture on Twitter for ease of recognition

  10. Link Social Media Accounts Across Platforms Images taken from

  11. Best in Class

  12. Competitors • Terminix: Orkin, Rentokil • TruGreen: Lawn Doctors, Scotts • American Home shield: First American Home Warranty, Ole Republic Home Protection Co. Inc • AmeriSpec: National Property Inspections, HouseMaster • Merry Maids: Maid Brigade, Molly Maids

  13. Competitors (1/ 3)

  14. Competitors (2/3)

  15. Competitors (3/3) Merry Maids has the most developed social media presence of any ServiceMaster brand- the only brand to outsource Social Media

  16. Best Practices • Business success with social media • Social Media as a catalyst for consumer engagement • Synchronizing social media activity with peak seasons

  17. Most Effective Social Media Campaigns • Creating buzz: Ford Fiesta. - Generated 6.5 million views on YouTube -Received 50,000 requests for information primarily from non-Ford drivers. - About 10,000 cars sold in the first six days • Learning from customers:PepsiCO -Gather customer insights via its DEWmocracy promotions -This led to the creation of new varieties of its Mountain Dew brand - Since 2008, the company has sold more than 36 million cases • Targeting customers:Levi Strauss -Used social media to offer location-specific deals. -Direct interactions with just 400 consumers led 1,600 people to turn up at the company’s stores (an example of social media’s word-of-mouth effect)

  18. Social Media Campaigns in the Service Industry Martell Home Builders An Atlantic Canadian custom home building company • Used social media to create a direct-to-consumer model, garnering additional business • Strategic content creation and blog posts focused on the needs of homebuyers “14 Must-Have Tools for New Homeowners” “Home Staging Tips & Techniques” • GPS tracking devices on contractors’ vehicles let customers see where their contractor is while on the job • Today, approximately 86% of all Martell’s leads come directly from consumers

  19. YoY comparisons show well-defined “peak” seasons for the big 3 business units Aligning social media campaigns with peak seasons may increase productivity in regards to company social media activity

  20. Best Practices - Facebook Frequency: Post once or twice per day and you will see a 19 percent higher interaction rate than if you do otherwise. However, don’t post more than seven times per week. Post twice per day on the weekends, and once on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to take advantage of the optimal post days. Length: Posts with 80 characters or fewer receive 23 percent higher interaction than longer posts. Emoticons: Emoticons can serve to humanize your brand. Posts that use emoticons have up to a 57 percent higher “like” rate. The :D emoticon receives the most likes. Comments: Asking a question generates an average of 92% more comments than making a statement. Use “caption this” on images and fill-in-the-blank posts to engage more customers.

  21. Shorter posts yield higher response rates

  22. Photos are the most productive posts Facebook uses a proprietary algorithm called Edgerank todetermine the visibility of content in user’s streams.

  23. Best Practices - Twitter Frequency: The more you tweet, the lower your engagement. After four tweets per day, engagement rates drop significantly, and users who tweet only once a day have a 120 percent higher engagement rate than others. Length: Twitter already limits you to 140 characters, but that’s too many. Tweets with fewer than 100 characters command a 17 percent higher engagement rate than longer missives. Links: When you include a link in a tweet, it stands an 86 percent higher chance of being retweeted. (Need something to link to? Try a related blog post on your website.) Hashtags: Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without them. However, limit your hashtag use to one or two per tweet. Retweet requests: When you ask for retweets, the chances of them actually happening are 12 times higher than when you don’t.

  24. Even on Twitter, photos prove to be the most productive posts •View Twitter content as an integrated program •Photos outperform text by 91% •Asking for a retweet produces a 555% lift over the average tweet •Hashtags produce a 35% lift

  25. Social Media Strategy-Defining ROI

  26. Traditional measurements of ROI are difficult to apply in the social media realm Social Media impact can be categorized into three channels • 1. Increasing brand awareness • 2. Driving leads/sales • 3. Increasing customer satisfaction

  27. Definable Social Media Metrics User reach • How far and wide our message spread • Followers • Fans or friends • How our efforts change consumers’ actions and/or opinions • Video views • Site visits • Time spent on site • Conversions (registrations, leads, sales) User impact • How many consumers interacted with our social initiatives Volume of participation • @ replies • Direct messages • Posts or uploads • Number of ratings and reviews • The strength and depth of consumers’ interactions with our social initiatives • Number of issues successfully resolved • Quality of submissions • Time to resolve Quality of participation

  28. Definable Social Media Metrics Volume of energy How many consumers talk about our company and our services • Inbound links • Readership of blogs linking to our sites • Retweets • Mentions • Total reach of retweets and mentions • Social actions (likes) • Reach of users who mention, link to or engage in social actions with the brand • Share of conversation • Media uploaded and tagged The nature of the opinions expressed by consumers who talk about the brand and the influence of those consumers • Sentiment of discussions • Influence of users discussing the brand • Re-tweets among influential followers Quality of energy

  29. Facebook and Twitter are the most populous social media platforms - 67% and 16% of all Internet users respectively Decisions should be made regarding how to quantify brand awareness in the social media realm These goals and benchmarks will be the ultimate drivers for ServiceMaster’s social presence Increasing brand awareness needs to be carefully valuated *Pew Research-2012 Demographics of Social Media Users

  30. Google Analytics provides hard time-series data that can quantify the efficacy of social media activity *Note: YoY comparisons done in same YTD timeframe

  31. Social media referrals yield lower pages/visit and visit duration compared to direct visits Terminix TruGreen American Home Shield *2013 YTD Metrics

  32. Calculating Social Media ROI via existing capabilities yields low productivity

  33. 1. Marketing Cloud/Radian6—cloud computing services enabling ServiceMaster to monitor social media metrics through specific keywords, dashboard reports I. Provides a word cloud of words used most often in social media posts relating to ServiceMaster and business units 2. Buddy Media I. Centralized Management with capability to manage and schedule posts II. Offers optimization for mobile applications, customization for company FB/Twitter sites, etc. Future Tracking of customer satisfaction linked to social media interactions could increase retention In the future, databases could be created for customers being dealt with via Radian6 and Buddy Media. These databases could potentially track individual retention & NPS scores either over time or against company average.

  34. McKinsey estimates that social technologies, have the potential to increase knowledge worker productivity by 20-25% and give intra-enterprise communication and collaboration twice the value potential as other social technology benefits Microsoft valued company collaboration capacity at roughly 1.2 billion dollars with the purchase of Yammer Minimal infrastructure would be needed for branches to share best practices (customer satisfaction). Best practices being already judged AND recorded by local Yelp ratings & reviews Future ROI measures could encompass increases in productivity via intra-company collaboration

  35. Developing an actionable response plan to address negative conversations Indirectly addressing core brand vulnerabilities and shifting focus away from negative comments and complaints Ensure that potential risks are identified and proactively addressed Increase focus on social media sentiment due to altered search algorithms Strategy Improve Social Experience • 2013 content strategy drives SEO ranking by sending positive social cues • Introducing high-quality content campaigns focused on high traffic category searches • New media types (e.g. video and blog content) drive customer engagement • Syndication across multiple outlets provides SEO value and maximizes content footprint Illustration Minimize Detractors

  36. Social Media Strategy for Talent Acquisition • In 2010, only 6% of companies used social media for recruiting, today 89% of companies use social media to recruit talent • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 175 million members. • Develop a Career page on Facebook where 48% of job seekers job-hunt.

  37. Talent Acquisition Approach Showcase your company including your work, your people and your culture Utilize an employee social network (Chatter) to announce internal openings and profile successful associates

  38. Recommendations

  39. Create a Social Media Playbook The Playbook should cover - Business Objectives - Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations - Using Workflow to your advantage - Determine what to respond to and…. - Know the who, what, and why of conversations - Escalations - Reporting & Metrics

  40. Develop the Relationship between Commerce and Social Media • Tie high level business goals to social media strategy • Critically examine Merry Maid’s success • Leverage the efficiency of cloud computing to simplify and expedite meaningful responses to customer complaints • Standardize high impact social media engagement across ServiceMaster • Time • Frequency • Personalized “voice”

  41. Results of a Strong Social Presence Stronger customer relationships with brands Well earned reputation as the thought leader in the industry Increased traffic to ServiceMaster’s website through higher SEO rankings and social shares Educated and empowered customers who become brand ambassadors