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SM Karuppanchetty, Deputy COO Agri-Business Incubator - ICRISAT at Hanoi , Vietnam PowerPoint Presentation
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SM Karuppanchetty, Deputy COO Agri-Business Incubator - ICRISAT at Hanoi , Vietnam

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SM Karuppanchetty, Deputy COO Agri-Business Incubator - ICRISAT at Hanoi , Vietnam
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SM Karuppanchetty, Deputy COO Agri-Business Incubator - ICRISAT at Hanoi , Vietnam

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  1. Asia Pacific Incubator Conference AAPIC 2007 ICT for Development : Incubation of Agriculture & related Sectors SM Karuppanchetty, Deputy COO Agri-Business Incubator - ICRISAT at Hanoi , Vietnam 3-6 Oct 2007

  2. Overview • Intro on ICRISAT & Agri Science Park • Overview of Agri Business incubator (ABI) • Zero to ZOOM Incubation of RUSNI by ABI –Video • Need for working Group on Global Agri Business Incubation • Way forward

  3. ICRISAT’s vision and mission VisionImproved well-being of the poor of the semi-arid tropics MissionTo reduce poverty, enhance food and nutritional security and protect the environment of the semi-arid tropics by empowering the poor through science with a human face Our mandate crops Sorghum Groundnut Chickpea Pearl millet Pigeonpea

  4. Our strategy • A research for development strategy • Focus on key livelihood and income opportunities • Core principles: equity, multidisciplinary, sustainability and community participation • Research Paradigm- Crop Improvement, Agro Eco System, Biotech, Market Policy Our locations

  5. Agri-Science Park @ ICRISAT Agri-Business Incubator (ABI) SAT Eco-Venture Ag-biotech Innovation Center (AIC) Research Consortium Hybrid Parent Research Consortium (HPRC) ICRISAT-Private Sector Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Research Consortium (SSRC) Bio-products Research Consortium (BRC) Convergence of biotechnology innovations, partnerships, and products for the poor

  6. Agri-Business Incubator @ICRISAT supported by DST, Govt. of India in 2003 Mission “ Facilitate creation of competitive Agri-business enterprise through technology development and commercialization”

  7. Agri-Business Incubator (ABI) • Set up with NSTEDB-DST, Govt of India support in 2003 • Facilitates creation of competitive agri-business enterprise through technology development and commercialization • Entrepreneurs supported with agri-technology, consultancy, networking with management experts, venture capital funding, marketing experts and physical infrastructure • Maximizes success by minimising risk

  8. Access to R&D Networks IP Identification & Protection Strategies Specialized Facilities Product Development Best Practices R & D State-of-the-Art Marketing Best Practices Access to Capital High Performance Incubation Capitalization Business Planning Access to Services Networks & Alliances Value Proposition Development Business Development Champions Sales & Distribution Channel Strategies Strategy Development Exchange of Ideas Business Framework for incubation in ABI

  9. Technologies commercialized through ABI • Ethanol from Sweet sorghum (NTJ 2 & NSH 104) • Transgenic cotton (Bajarangi Bt) • Fermentors • Biopesticides (NPV & Bacillus subtilis) • Organic agriculture foods • ICGV 91114 groundnut variety • JG 11 Chickpea variety • Biocutlery

  10. ABI’s clients Current Clients Clients who have graduated New incubates

  11. Impacts generated by ABI 2003-2007 (4 years) • Farmer benefited: 30,000 • Farm Field catered: 65,000 ac • Entrepreneurs supported: 15 • Ventures incubated: 10 • Technologies Exchanged: 10 • Investment mobilized: $7 million • Employment generated: 180 • Revenue generated: $400K • ROI: 25%

  12. ABI’s achievements • National award for the Best Incubator 2005 • Best Social entrepreneur of the Country to ABI Client Rusni by the Prime Minister of India • FAPCI Award for Rural development to ABI client AAI • Pioneered globally by successful incubation of sweet sorghum ethanol • Commercialization Of ICGV9114 groundnut variety Global outreach • ABI at AREU – Mauritius • FBI at IIAM – Mozambique • TNAU- Coimbator, TN, INDIA • PHIL RICE- Philippines • Gujarat St Biotech Mission • Shangi Fengu Hi Tec Agri-China

  13. Rusni Distilleries (I) Pvt Ltd • Promoters: AR.Palaniswamy & Sai Venkat kumar • Area of business: Ethanol from sweet sorghum • Zero Stage: 2003 Xlnt Idea no one to fund & difficult to anchor • ABI support: Sweet sorghum seeds, agri-consultancy, extension, business consultancy and escort services

  14. Rusni Distilleries • This is a unique technology to produce ethanol from Sweet sorghum stalks. • Fuel ethanol is used to blend petrol with ethanol from 5-20% as E5, E10 & E20, that is used in automobiles as fuel. • The technology employs a completely non-molasses route with low cost of Production and is patented • Food security not compromised • The Low cost of ethanol production • Zoom Stage : 2007 – commercial production, • 2 M& A offers, • 5 Turnkey projects (Uganda, Phillipines, Mozambique • Top VC and Investors in Q , • Accolade by PM of INDIA • Doctorate from AIBM • Donor commit $15Million SS R&D • Ripple effect - $150 million Investments, Employment 800, Benefit 100K farmers

  15. ABI’S Solid Incubation Networks ISBA 2007 Conference, Hyderabad 2nd Global Forum for Business Incubation, Nov 6-10th 2006,Hyderabad

  16. ABI’S Growth Strategy

  17. ABI’S Ripple effect FBI at Institute of International Agriculture (IIAM), Mozambique ABI at Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU), Mauritius Others – TNAU, UAS,ICAR-NAIP , GSBTM, ,Techno serve-Uganda, PhilRice, GSBTM, ICRISAT-Mali etc.,

  18. ABI Support to BI partners What we provide ? > Sensitization on ABI to partners & stakeholders (TNAU,IIAM,AREU,GSBTM,ICAR-NAIP, > Conduct Feasibility Study and Develop Appropriate Business Model for Incubator (IIAM, UAS -Dharwad) > Train Key management team on Business Incubation operations (IIAM, TNAU) • Facilitate Development of Detailed Service Modules (Seed, Food, Farm, Green Ventures, Biofuels etc.,) • Technical gap assessment and bridging skills directly or through experts (UAS, AREU) • Trouble shooting & mentoring assistance on operations & finance (IIAM,AREU,TNAU) • Co organizing of Innovators identification camp • Co-branding and express platform for partner incubate clients • Provide on need basis to partner Incubators clients- Business Consultancy, escort services for Venture Capital Funding & Marketing support for business incubates

  19. Need for International networking in Agri. Business incubation • Priority Sector and most people depend for livelihood across the world • Enhance domestic and export Marketability of Agro commodity through MIS, Quality standards which shall benefit the farmers economically • Enable access to technology, hi-tech agribusiness which could reduce the cost or Increase the production to farmers • Diversified portfolio Agri, Horti, Flori, Dairy, Poultry, Mechanization, Food Processing etc. Hence global best practices needs to be shared to optimize the resources • Improving Agricultural extension system globally • Facilitate cross-border venture creation in agribusiness

  20. Way Forward • Formation of ABI global network (ABI-ICRISAT, Yanglin, Agro innova-Colombia, Shangai Fengu Hi tech, DCE-Indonesia, Practical Action-Sri Lanka etc.,) • Development of ABI global network systems & Good practices modules, Policy Advocacy etc., • Branding Promotion & Publicity for Incubator and incubate benefits ( Create a demand for ABI from new institutions , Govt & CSR organization) • Sensitization of Global players (CG,IFAD,FAO) and National players (NARES, Local Government) through Conference forums and regional workshops for partnering and participation in funding • Startup Support through Business Model development and mentoring • Facilitate Agro-technology exchange from CG & NARES • Capacity Building, Skills training, Exposure Visits & networking opportunity to the new players • Recognition and awards for Best performing Agri Incubators and incubateees

  21. Conclusion • ICRISAT is a CG institute committed to help poor through AGRI R&D • Agri Business incubator (ABI) has proven to be successful model on technology commercialization and new venture creation • Zero to Zoom story of RUSNI had successfully created ripple effects in and out of the system • Agriculture is priority sector and Global ABI network can provide visible impacts on the livelihoods of the poor • Business incubation is a sustainable way of cross border venture promotion and methodical promotion approach can create a deep impact to the farmers and muliplestake holders

  22. Come on we are ready to partner globally SM. Karuppanchetty Deputy COO, ABI-ICRISAT +91 40 30713414 Thank you