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  3. DECEMBER 31,2006 POPULATION:448,800 DECEMBER 31,2007 POPULATION:576,700 DECEMBER 31,2008 POPULATION:394,700

  4. Map of COLUMBIA

  5. Conflict situation What is conflict? War against the drug cartels What are the opposing sides? The left/right wing M-19 guerrilla groups the Farc (Revolutionary Armed forces of Colombia) and the government. What type of government is it? Democratic Republic

  6. Conflict cont. Who's the leaders? Juan Manuel Santos Calderon and in 1986 Virgillo Barco Vargas let the m-19 group become legal Who opposes the government? The m-19 rebel groups and the Farc (Revolutionary armed forces of Columbia) their behind extortion, drug trafficking and assassinations.

  7. Conflict Cont. What was the realationship from the government to its people? Civilians moslty suffer from rebel groups • Taking their food • Killing innocent people putting drugs out there to hurt their population

  8. Image of conflict

  9. Getting to know the people Jorge Salgado Rocha Jorge came to the UK after the Chilean military coup in 1973 he feels that his country is trying to fix their problems but the involvement of other countries is stopping that Trying to change the government will cause violence

  10. A woman from Cocal • She left because the fighting was non-stop their were bullets everywhere and when helicopters came it shook their houses because they were made of wood all they could grab was their papers.

  11. My citizen Name: Miguel Ura Hernandez Age:18 Nationality: Columbian Religion: catholic Interest: he plays soccer Living situation: He used to live in a nice house on a hill until the rebels came pillaging through his village. Now he lives in a refugee camp in Canada.

  12. Journal #1 My name is Miguel Ura Hernandez I am 18 years old and I want to play soccer professionally I live in this little village that was very peaceful until the Farc rebels came and forced me and my family and other people in my village to flee and find a better place to live. They came to our village looking for supplies (food clothes or anything they could use) and if they didn’t find what they were looking for the village and people would get shot up. We were poor and couldn’t take the risk of staying so we left.

  13. Journal #2 10 years later I’m living in London, England as a refugee its hard for me and my family now but once my dad and I get jobs we should settle in good. We were sponsored by a refugee organization in London that flew us out of Columbia our sponsor an Italian family heard about us through a non profit organization that assists refugees like us we have a small apartment just enough to keep us on out feet our sponsors provided us with clothes and food I know a little English but its still hard to find and get a job.

  14. Reflection What did you learn about civil conflicts around the world? That there are rebel groups everywhere. What relationships between the conflict and the treatment of people? The worse the conflict gets the higher the death toll of the civilians. What role does the government play in the conflicts, relationships with people and conditions of people? The government plays a big role because after mass killings they control what happen to their civilians