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Chevrolet history PowerPoint Presentation
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Chevrolet history

Chevrolet history

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Chevrolet history

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  1. Chevrolet history Brandon English 4 Mrs. Sunders

  2. Chevrolet history • I have always loved an Chevrolet vehicle but I never new any thing of their history • I new nothing of the history of the vehicles made by Chevrolet and I thought in would be nice to learn a little bit of their history

  3. Facts • Research findings Chevrolet was started by two people they got the name Chevrolet from one of the founders named Louis Chevrolet who was an race car driver who invented many things that was used in his race cars that we still use today

  4. Facts • Billy Durant was the General motors chief at the General Motors (GM) corporation and was fired for what he thinks was for the next rookie in line for the job. • Interesting facts Louis Chevrolet only wanted to make a high class luxury sedans but they weren't selling good so Billy made a lower class car to boost sales but Louis did not what to be affiliated with a low class car so he sold his stock to Billy and lifted

  5. Facts • What this research paper taught me was that success is made by trail and era and mistakes are OK because they made plenty and with there failures they learned how to improve there designs

  6. Product • I made two model cars one is a 2010 Camaro and the other is a 1969 Camaro • Detail how it ties into your research they show the change of the Camaro over time in their designs

  7. 1st -5th generation Camaro Pics

  8. Product/Mentor • Dwitial Sunders • Describe mentor qualifications Dwitial Sunders is the head man at Whane Thomas Chevrolet and knows a lot about the new Camaro and could answer all most all of my questions about the new Camaro.

  9. Product/Mentor • I learned that when you build a plastic model car you only use one coat of clear because if you use two or more the paint will go dull • I tried sanding the model car down and repainting it to save a little money but I sanded in to the plastic and had to buy a new one any ways

  10. Product • I spent over 15 hours with total on this product and over 5 with my mentor • putting the model cars together and going to all the car shows showed me the differences in the two Camaro’s such as the drivetrain the old Camaro's have no computers and drum brakes all the way around and the new Camaro has a lot of different computers in it and has disc brakes all the way around

  11. Obstacles • Finding my mentor was a bit of a challenge but I asked my teacher and she said her father-in-law works for Whane Thomas Chevrolet so I called him and he said he would be my mentor • Also the painting part of my product really stumped me when I put the second coat of paint and it when dull but as I said I just when out and bought a new one

  12. Interesting Facts • The new Camaro SS with a V8 has 400 hp in front of an automatic transmission and 420 hp in front of an 6 speed manual transmission • The new Camaro SS2 has high preferment's braking system • The old Camaro with a 454 cubic inch engine was rated as a 454 hp engine • ****Hold at this slide until the yellow card • ****Once you say thank you and ask for questions, your time stops

  13. Closing • Thank you for your time • Are there any questions