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  1. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION Cortes, Hector Lachica, Joshua Salde, Rew Sim, Jason

  2. Company Background • Conceptualized in the year 2003 by Mr. Aries Christopher Alvarez. • Fast-food restaurant, Filipino food and Filipino style chicken barbeque. • EGI Taft branch is managed by Ms. Daryll Tan. • They employ Mr. Regan Ocampo, the head chef and 6 other employees. • Customers – De La Salle Students and tenants of EGI Taft building.

  3. Business Process • Divided into three process order process, inventory management process and sales transaction process. • Order Process in Chicken Ati-atihan done in two ways. • Dine-in Order • Delivery Order • Inventory management involves different process. • Creating new record • Removing existing record • Updating current record

  4. Problem Description

  5. OBJECTIVES • Sales Transaction • Calculate the expected income based on the compiled order reports. • User Profile • Profile management which control access to system functionalities. • Inventory Management • Product maintenance such as creation, deletion and updating of product information. • To keep track of each product’s quantity in the inventory. • Ordering • Create new orders. • Update existing order details. • Calculate and display the final bill based on the placed order; • Report Generation • Generate different kinds of report: • Inventory Information Report • Sales Transaction Report • Order Report

  6. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS • Computer must be equipped with Microsoft Windows’ operating system, Sun Microsystems' JRE and MySQL. • The system assumes all transactions are in cash. • The ordering module does not include a customer database. For delivery, it records customers location. • The inventory module is limited to tracking of finished products' only. • The sales module will not include computations for tax. • The system includes a login function, to control access to programs functionalities. • The system does not print receipts or sales report.

  7. SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS Has four modules: ordering module, inventory management module, sales transaction module and user profile management module • Inventory Management Module • Provides facilities for product management and maintenance in the stock. Has features like: • Create New Menu Product • Remove Menu Product • Update Existing Menu Product • Re-stock Product • Ordering Module • Provides facility for customer transactions. Has features like: • Add Order • Edit Order • View Order • Cancel Order • Sales Transaction Module • Provides facilities for computation of product sales and viewing sales report. Has features like: • View Daily Sales • View Sales by Product • User Profile Management Module • Provides user login function and editing of user’s password. Has features like: • Edit Password

  8. USER TYPE AND DESCRIPTION • There are two types of user, the manager and the staff. • Manager • Can take orders and manager the cashier. • Full access rights. • Access to all system functions. • Staff • Take orders of customers. • Limited access rights. • Access limited to ordering module.

  9. DATA FILES AND DESCRIPTION • Product File • This file contains product information the restaurant caters. • Stores product code, product name, unit price and quantity. • Order File • All data about order transactions. • Stores order number, product name, product quantity, unit price, product price, total and date. • User Account File • Contains store manager’s information and password and staff’s personal information. • Sales File • Sales transactions made with the restaurant. • Includes product name, product quantity, unit price, product price, total and date.

  10. REPORT TYPES AND DESCRIPTION • Ordering Report • Tracking of customer orders. • Generated on a daily basis. • Includes order number, date, product name, product quantity, unit price, product price and total. • Sales Transaction Report • Compiled order reports. • Can be generated on a daily or monthly basis. • Includes product name, product quantity, unit price, product price, total and date. • Inventory Information Report • Information about a product and its quantity. • Generated on a daily basis. • Includes product code, product name, unit price and quantity.

  11. Use case Diagram - manger

  12. Use case Diagram - Staff

  13. USE CASE description Use Case: Login Account Use Case: Validate User Use Case: Logout Account

  14. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: View Sales Module

  15. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: Add Menu Use Case: Edit Menu Use Case: View Menu Use Case: Validate Input

  16. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: Delete Menu

  17. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: Edit Password

  18. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: Add Order Use Case: Edit Order

  19. USE CASE DESCRIPTION Use Case: Delete Order