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  2. What did Edison invent in 1878?

  3. The music-publishing business was centralized in New York City…What was this area’s nickname? • Tin Pan Alley

  4. This was the primary means of disseminating popular music until the 1920s?

  5. What type of music was America’s first pop music?

  6. Who is this man? The first team who can come to the front of the class and hum his biggest song gets 3 points.

  7. The songwriters of tin pan alley moved uptown to another manhattan street they would make famous. What street?

  8. Identify three of the major technological advances in the 1920s that changed music.

  9. Who is the this 1930’s screen star and crooner?

  10. The African American influence on mainstream popular music became stronger during the 1920s. What music began in this period?

  11. Identify one of these Big Band jazz leaders.

  12. amassive migration of Southern musicians armed with electric guitars led them to what american city?

  13. Who is this legendary member of the chicago blues scene?

  14. Who is this man? Hint: he innovated honky-tonk or “hard-country”

  15. what new music style was created from blending the music styles of country rhythm and blues?

  16. For What is alan freed famous? Rock N’ Roll

  17. Identify the following.

  18. Identify the following artists in each of the following songs.

  19. what detroit record company released the following song?Hint: the name of the record company is also a nickname for the city of detroit.

  20. With the assination of JFK, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King…Black Music became militant…soul was dead but this new music style emerged.

  21. Funk was too militant for white america. The aggressive bass lines morphed into what genre of music?

  22. 5 point question!Come to the front of the class and sing a line from the following bands

  23. 3 points to the first person to stand and air guitar (with sound) this band’s most famous song.

  24. Identify a band associated with the New York punk scene.

  25. Identify a band associated with the London punk scene.

  26. The Jam, Elvis Costello, Madness, The Undertones are all part of this offshoot genre of london punk.

  27. Young African Americans in NYC speak over prerecorded music. What was this called? • TOASTING

  28. Which of the following is not one of the original rap innovators?- Gil-Scott Heron - AfrikaBambaataa- KoolHerc- vanilla ice • Vanilla Ice

  29. Identify the 4 factors that contributed to an economic revival in the music industry during the mid-1980s. • The Music Video • MTV • The Compact Disc • The Walkman

  30. What was the biggest selling album of all time?

  31. Why was this band important?

  32. Name the album released by this band online and through donation?

  33. What band won the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year The Suburbs?

  34. Which canadian artist became an overnight sensation after being seen in an iPOD commercial.

  35. Who is the biggest music publisher in the world?

  36. 10 points for the first group that can create a mash up using their own music and someone singing a song.