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Core I & Core II PowerPoint Presentation
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Core I & Core II

Core I & Core II

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Core I & Core II

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  1. Director of Student Personnel Services Early Middle Childhood Middle -Secondary Education Stakeholder Development Core I & Core II Special Populations Core I & Core II Administrative Team Assistant Dean Stakeholder Development Staff Staff Board of Visitors Board of Visitors Stakeholder Development Associate Dean Dean PETE-HE Graduate Stakeholder Development Accreditation Coordinator

  2. Core I & Core II Chris Price - Office Administrator Karen Farrell Michelle Greene (Title III Grant) Vikki Kramer Maggie Power Cindy Smith Sue Stahl Darlene Waddell Staff Staff [COE]

  3. Director of Student Personnel Services Core I & Core II Sue Stahl Director of Student Personnel Services [Student Licensing, Student Teaching Placement, Job Placement, Global Citizenship] Accreditation Coordinator Accreditation Coordinator Karen Farrell Accreditation Coordinator [NCATE, SPA, Website, Data Collection, Testing, E-Portfolio] [COE] Director of Student Personnel Services

  4. Stakeholder Development Core I & Core II Angela Lupton Assistant Dean [Alumni Relations & Recruitment, Retention, Recognition] Stakeholder Development Stakeholder Development Stakeholder Development [COE]

  5. Core I & Core II Mindy Welch Lisa Farley Brian Reagan Marilyn Strawbridge PETE-HE [COE]

  6. Early Middle Childhood Core I & Core II Arthur Hochman Steve Bloom Debbie Corpus Angela Lupton Catherine Pangan Cathy Hargrove (Master Practitioner) [COE]

  7. Middle - Secondary Education Core I & Core II Shelly Furuness Susan Adams* Roger Boop Katie Brooks Meredith McCallister Lindsay Williams* Denise Brock (Master Practitioner) *one year contract [COE]

  8. Core I & Core II Tom Keller Ron Goodman (Counseling) Brooke Kandel-Cisco (METL) Suneeta Kercood (Special Education) Brandie Oliver (Counseling) Marilyn Sudsberry (EPPSP) **may include all other faculty teaching in graduate program Graduate [COE]

  9. Core I & Core II Special Populations Core I & Core II Kelli Esteves Daniel Abbott Erin Garriott* Sam Guerriero Suneeta Kercood Theresa Meyer Matt Maurer * One year appointment ED 112 Instructors Pending Staffing Needs [COE]

  10. Administrative Team Debbie Corpus Kelli Esteves Karen Farrell Arthur Hochman Tom Keller Deb Lecklider Angela Lupton Chris Price Sue Stahl Ena Shelley Mindy Welch Core I & Core II [COE]

  11. Linda Boone Dr. Marcia Capuano Mariama Carson Terry Corman Linda L. Cornwell Caterina Cregor-Blitzer Scott A. Deetz Kyle Fessler Dr. F. Patrick Garvey Jack G. Hittle Jerry Knauff Amy Knerr Edna May Kevin C. McDowell Phillip Metcalf Colleen O’Brien Marsha Reynolds Faye Snodgress Honorable Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson Mark R. Weaver Jennifer Williams Board of Visitors Board of Visitors [COE]