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  2. Motherboard The type of motherboards depends on the CPU it was designed for. You can therefore categories motherboards by which socket type they have. e.g. Socket A, Socket 478 etc. The type of motherboard you buy is very important, as it will need to house your CPU, and they are not interchangeable. When buying a motherboard, it will always tell you what socket type it has.

  3. What does the motherboard do? The motherboard contains the circuitry for the central processing board in an electronic device, usually a computer. They tie everything in your computer together. Also called the “system board”, it is the heart of your computer. No motherboard = no computer A motherboard is extremely complicated.

  4. Changes in the motherboard • The motherboard started out as a humongous, bulky, heavy device that had only a few real components(just like the computer). It only had a processor and a few card slots. The motherboard has changed a ton in the last 20 years. OLD VS. NEW This is the first motherboard, made by IBM in 1982. This is the smallest and one of the most advanced motherboards.

  5. Parts of IDE Interface RAM Heatsink + Processor POST Display the AGP Slots PCI Bus Motherboard HE34 (Floppy) Interface On-Board Device Interfaces

  6. Picture of the Motherboard

  7. The End Credits Info Found By: Austin, Paul, Leon, +Fisher Power Point Made By: Paul and Leon You Can Wake Up NOW! Special Thanks To Google and Yahoo! For Info + Pictures Thank You 4 Watching Pictures Found By: Austin We Think It Was REALLY Boring! Wasn’t The Power Point Boring? OK! That’s All Folks!!!