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SUSTAINABILITY OF. TECHNOLOGY. Paul Wagner. A. Born in Mount Nittany Medical Center on September 19, 1990. Boalsburg resident for 19 years. B. Close with my family of my Mom, Dad, little brother Ethan, and my dog Suzie.

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  2. Paul Wagner • A. Born in Mount Nittany Medical Center on September 19, 1990. Boalsburg resident for 19 years. • B. Close with my family of my Mom, Dad, little brother Ethan, and my dog Suzie. • C. I drive a Chevy truck, my family has a house on Canandaigua lake in Upstate, Ny, spend most of my income on outdoor equipment. • D. I worked for 3 years as a waiter at The Diner, worked at a plant nursery last fall, and now work at Appalachian ski and Outdoors on Allen st. • E. I love going fly-fishing because it gives me a chance to relax away from the stress of everyday life. I also enjoy backpacking, camping, waterskiing, snow skiing, and almost anything else outdoors. • F. I am an eagle scout, have no party affiliation, and in general, think less government is better.

  3. Monica Consbruck • Personal: • Langhorne, Pa • Big family • Spiritual person • Played violin for 15 years • Love swimming and being active • Work: • Hope to be a successful electrical engineer • Really interesting in electronics and they way they work • Social Life: • Friends are most important • Love being around people and learning new things from them • Easy to get along with • Recreation: • Travel the world – see everything I can • Political: • Interested in politics • Always want to know what’s going on locally and around the world

  4. Sean Brennan • Pottsville, PA • Parents, 2 sisters • Mechanical or Structural Engineering • Tennis, drums, guitar

  5. Tim Dinger • Lived near Pittsburgh with his mom, dad and older sister. • Has 13 cousins that lived within an hour of home • Created strong family ties • Ran cross country, track and indoor track for a total of 12 seasons • Captain of all three during senior year • Met most of my friends through cross country or track • Came to Penn State to study to become an engineer, possibly a Nuclear engineer

  6. We are sustainable We are developing new and ingenious ways to produce energy. As a petroleum user, it is very important that we find alternatives to gasoline. One method of creating biodiesel known as algae farming, is gaining more momentum. The primary advantage is that instead of using food crops to create biodiesel, which would drive the cost of food up, it uses algae, an organism which could be grown in tanks in the desert. This would maximize land that we are not using, as well as keep prime land available to grow food on. Work Cited: http://naturalpatriot.org/2008/01/09/the-future-of-auto-fuel-is-green-and-slimy/

  7. Early Brain Development • Minimal technology in the learning environment in the first 5 years of life is not only sustainable, but also crucial: • Technology discourages imagination and hinders developmental processes • Lack of technology encourages creativity, imagination development, physical activity, and better personal skills • Technology takes away from the one on one personal relationships which is vital in the learning process • Research shows that personal contact increases attention, imagination, frustration tolerance, and patience • source

  8. Hydrogen Fuel Cells • Can be used to power vehicles • Give off only water and heat • Hydrogen is stored in the car • Hydrogen splits into H+ and H- as it passes through a catalyst. • Electricity is produced and transferred to a battery for later use • The battery powers the car engine and other devices • http://www.nrel.gov/learning/avf_fuel_cells.html http://www.schatzlab.org/education/animation.html

  9. Sustainable energies • I believe that the best way to produce energy for the future is a combination of several different technologies. • Hydroelectric power is a viable energy source wherever there is a river, stream or a flow of water great enough to turn a turbine to produce electricity • Hydroelectricity produces very low amounts of greenhouse gases • Hydroelectricity is renewable, so as long as there is water hydroelectricity can be used • Solar energy could be used whenever there is no way to use hydroelectricity. Small solar plants can generate enough electricity to power a few hundred home • Over 200,000 American households are powered by some type of photovoltaic cell • Solar energy produce almost no by-products or greenhouse gases

  10. Works Cited www.solarenergy.org/renewable-energy-technology-primers

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