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What is Physics? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Physics?

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What is Physics?
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What is Physics?

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  1. What is Physics? What can I do with a Physics Degree?

  2. PHYSICS ?

  3. What is Physics? • Have you or your child ever asked: Why is the sky blue? What causes the rainbow? What keeps the planets in orbit around the sun? Is there life on other planets? Why …? • We are all physicists at heart. Since we were small, we have all marveled at the wonder and mystery of the universe. • Physics is the search to satisfy our inherent curiosity about the universe.

  4. What do Physicists Study?

  5. Jupiter’s Red Spot

  6. Saturn’s Rings

  7. The Four Forces of Nature

  8. Elementary Particles (quarks)

  9. Our Sun

  10. The Earth’s Magnetosphere

  11. The Aurora

  12. Nanotechnology(Dust Mite on top of a Nano-Motor)

  13. Nanotechnology (Nano-Machine)

  14. Mite (1/4 the size of a period .) Walking Across Nano-Motor

  15. Dust Mite on Nano-Machine

  16. Mite (FAST!) on Nano-Motor

  17. Tornados

  18. Hurricanes (Katrina 2005)

  19. December 2004 Tsunami

  20. Earthrise from Moon (Apollo 8)

  21. Where Does Physics Fit?

  22. What Can You Do With a Physics Degree? • Engineering • Patent Law • Physics Research in Industry • High School Teaching • College/University Teaching/Research • Finance (Wall Street!) • OR

  23. Any area that requires problem solving skills! • The bottom line: • A good background in physics (and the associated problem solving skills obtained therein) will prepare you for a multitude of careers

  24. Why Augsburg’s Physics Department? • Augsburg is a small liberal arts school in the city where you are valued as a person not just an insignificant component of a huge class (~175 students or more). • Because classes are small you can get to know your professors who will take the time to ensure that you have the best chance of success. • There are also many research opportunities (space physics and biophysics) available where you work closely with faculty on cutting edge research.

  25. Why Augsburg’s Physics Department? • We also have a dual degree program where you can receive a B.A. in Physics and then transfer to the University of Minnesota or Michigan Tech for two more years. In a total of five years, you will have received a B.A. in Physics from Augsburg and a B.S. Degree from the engineering school. Your increased knowledge of mathematics and physics (from that extra year) will make you a stronger engineer. • Many of our students also enjoy the large variety of extracurricular activities that are available here at Augsburg. • At Augsburg, we will help you develop into a complete and well-rounded person not just a “techie” who is unable to communicate their ideas with others. The strong liberal arts component here at Augsburg ensures this. • We welcome you.