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Travel Must-Haves: What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Must-Haves: What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

Travel Must-Haves: What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

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Travel Must-Haves: What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

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  1. Travel Must-Haves: What Should You Pack In Your Suitcase

  2. Summer is most appropriate time for adventures, holidays and traveling. We don’t know for sure what kind of leisure do you prefer, that is why we’ve gathered bits of this and that: if you’re dad, if you are a real adventurer or active GoPro user, or photographer, paddler, automobilist, biker or a pet-lover you’ll find something specially for you in our list of travel must-haves. If all the foregoing doesn’t describe you, there are also lots of awesome travel items you’ll definitely fell in love with and want to carry them with you everywhere.

  3. 1. LUNATIVE Electric Apparel

  4. Imagine you could enlighten your jacket whenever you want! Become visible in a magical, appealing and connective way. Lunative – the world’s first real electric apparel. We are a technology company and the first textile brand that combines function, design & lifestyle. Our mission is to create a product that makes you well-dressed during the day and an eye-catcher at night. Lunative quality is based on german technology and permanent innovation. Become visible in a magical, appealing and connective way. Shine on. be moon. Be lunative. Limited early bird specials now on kickstarter.

  5. 2. The Adventure Begins Flask – With Matte Black Finish

  6. Make your adventures even more stylish by carrying your favorite beverage or drinks on the Adventure Begins Flask. The design is perfect for outdoor use and comes with a capacity to store 17 fl oz. liquid at a time. It is made of stainless steel and includes a matte black finish with the words “The Adventure Begins” written beautifully on it. Somewhere those words can prove to be really energetic when you’re out for your camping trips or adventures. That’s a traditional flask with a cool design.

  7. 3. NomadClip – Rugged Carabiner Shaped Charging Cable

  8. Designed to fit around your everyday lifestyle, the NomadClip is a charging cable you can carry anywhere and everywhere. It has been made out of durable engineering-grade polycarbonate and reinforced stainless steel. The use of such sturdy materials makes this cable dependable and an accessory you can carry practically everywhere you go. The cable comes in both Lightning and Micro USB varieties you can choose from depending on the devices you are willing to charge using it. Your charging cable won’t take up much space in your bag or backpack anymore. All you’ll be needing now is one NomadClip (carabiner cum charging cable!).

  9. 4. TIO – Save The World, Twice A Day

  10. Everyone is concerned about the environment. We all try to do our part — reducing waste, recycling, buying organic foods  when possible. But if you’re like us, you’re left wishing that the products you use every day were created with the environment in mind. We decided to take the matter into our own hands, and make a sustainable toothbrush we’d love to use. The modern mass-market toothbrush, with its wasteful plastic construction and gimmicky design, was more than ready for a reboot. TIO is the result: a complete rethinking of the everyday toothbrush, combining the best elements of design, oral care and sustainability. With TIO, we want to show the world that big changes to small objects can make a massive difference in our lives. Because as you know, it’s the little things that matter. So come join us on the TIO adventure — it has only just begun!

  11. 5. Junior Adaptive Carrier System – Active Babycarrying

  12. The JACS is an innovative modular and adaptable baby carrier system designed for dads, and built to meet any parenting challenge. The JACS (Junior Adaptive Carrier System) is an innovative modular baby carrier travel system designed specifically for dads with an active lifestyle. An all-in-one carrier system that enables the user to transport a baby and all necessary accessories within a single wearable piece of travel equipment, without the need for additional baggage – The JACS has all of the style, functionality, durability, and high specification demanded by parents on the go, and is equally at home in an urban or outdoor setting. The JACS is also suitable for mums to use too – but our aim was to develop a carrier system that is comfortable and practical for dads, built around a central harness that is more ergonomically tailored for a male torso.

  13. 6. Incase Pro Pack – Protection and Transportation for the GoPro User’s Toolkit

  14. Pack your GoPro  and all its accessories neatly whenever you travel by using the Incase Pro Pack. There’s a large compartment which zips in the back so that you get complete access to your gear which also includes a faux-fur lined pocket for your iPad. You can always grab your frequently used items from the right-side pocket. There’s also a DSLR compartment in the top which includes a zippered pouch for organizing your SD cards. The sturdy Tensaerlite canister will give 2 GoPro cameras absolute protection from drops and crashes. Consider this as that one backpack you’ll ever need to keep your GoPro accessories organized when you’re on the go.

  15. 7. NOCQUA Sport Edition – Underwater Light Systems for Paddlers

  16. Coming from NOCQUA Adventure Gear, the NOCQUA Sport Edition is an amazing underwater light system paddlers can make good use of. The setup has been specially designed to be used on SUP, Kayak and Canoes. You can consider it to be extremely versatile because of its compact size and the advanced LED and battery technology. The system includes two 800 lumen light bars, one adjustable harness plus two extension straps, one battery and one charger, one on/off switch, one Y connector and has been packaged in a travel case. Night paddling won’t be that difficult anymore.

  17. 8. Eco Stone – Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker by ECOXGEAR

  18. If you’re looking for an ideal portable Bluetooth speaker to take on your outdoor trips, you can’t overlook the Eco Stone. It can connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly and flaunts a rugged appearance altogether. The high quality aptX and the speakerphone constitutes amazing sound quality. But the best feature of this speaker is that it’s 100% waterproof. So you’ll get to use it anywhere in the pool, boat and not worry even if it falls in the water somehow. There’s a handy built in LED flashlight and battery charging indicator as additional features. You can consider using it as a power bank for your devices too. A must have for camping by those who can’t keep their tech life aside even for a while.

  19. 9. Brevitē Camera Backpack

  20. Brevitē was inspired by the student photographer who was looking to protect their gear without sacrificing honest and intuitive design. After searching endlessly for a protective camera bag that has both aesthetics and utility, we at Brevitē decided to design and build our own. The Brevitē bag can fit a DSLR fitted with a lens, two additional lenses, a 70-200 lens, accessories, and a 15″ laptop. It can hold a tripod on both the bottom and the side. It features a removable insert that allows for the bag to act as a normal backpack. It also features a lens cap buckle on the left shoulder strap and sunglasses loops on the right shoulder strap. It has a hip belt and sternum strap for the hiker that needs the extra support. Lastly, it has a quick access pocket for easy camera access. This backpack is made for the photographer who does more than just take photos.

  21. 10. Retrievor RT-101 The Tiny But Powerful GPS Tracker

  22. Miniature sized SateliteGps tracking functionality and groundbreaking power technology in one tiny little device. Our Retrievor is slightly larger than as a US Quarter in diameter and not much thicker than a few stacked together. Retrievor brings you all of the functionality a true end to end GPS solution should offer!

  23. 11. CulCharge: The Smallest Wearable 3-in-1 PowerBank

  24. Charge your smartphone with the World’s Smallest Wearable 1000mAh PowerBank, Charge & Data Cable on Keychain always with you. Designed for iOS (MFi) & Android. Small & Light – 2,1″ (5,5 cm) in length, 1,3 ounce (38 grams) in weight. Just plug in your phone to get emergency power boost. Simple solution, no more tangled cables. With its 2nd successful Indiegogo campaign, CulCharge is the first in crowdfunding industry to offer 100% money-back guarantee. Already trusted by mobile users from 71 countries. Always be Powered with CulCharge.

  25. 12. AO MATU Playing Cards – Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.

  26. Custom deck with magnificent characters, illustrations and tropical design. Inspired by Islands and Nature. Wild and truly unique. here are 4 tribes of warriors, each suit – each tribe. Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and Jokers – characters. Number cards – relief of the island. Back – vegetation, jungles of AO MATU, world where your warriors hide from the opponent. If you don’t see you country in shipment list, please drop me a line and we will figure it out!

  27. 13. DualPin – Dual USB Car Charger by iLuv

  28. Do you own an Apple as well as an Android device? What you need in that case for your car is the DualPin. It’s a universal dual USB charger, which will enable you to continue carrying and switching between multiple power products on the go. This charger comes with a swiveling head that will allow you to adjust it for optimal use in various power socket locations. The fact that it can charge two devices simultaneously makes it a perfect accessory for avid gadget users. Keep your mobile device powered up on the go with a charging power of 3.1 Amp (15.5 watts). A car accessory you won’t regret having.

  29. 14. World’s First Electric Briefcase Transporter

  30. Put your laptop and stuff in this cool briefcase and ride it to your next destination! Fold it up in seconds and pull it into almost anywhere. Charge it for about 2 hours next to your desk and you are ready again. Perfect for the last mile city commute, campuses, conventions, and travel! Weighs about 7.9 kg with the briefcase, Smart Lithium Ion Batteries, Goes up to 10 Km on one charge, Speed up to 20 km/hr, Quiet Brushless Motor inside rear wheel, Easily foldable in seconds, Compact battery charger with international voltage, Standard Carry-On size for most airlines, Adjustable handle bar heights, Optional Solar Panels on briefcase cover! Worldwide Patent Pending.

  31. 15. Saintly Bags – Customizable Leather Weekenders

  32. Fully Customizable and Highly Functional Leather Weekenders, Handmade in NYC. Saintly Bags is a travel & fashion lifestyle brand. Designers of sumptuous, customizable, and hand-made leather products, Saintly aims to beautify and simplify your travel lifestyle. Steeped in New York City heritage, Saintly’s NYC hand-production studios achieve the beautiful designs, exacting specifications, and tremendous build quality you would expect of a world class brand from such a world class city.

  33. 16. Kidizoom – Action Cam For Kids by VTech

  34. Give your kids the power to explore their photography skills by handing them one of these Kidizoom Action Cam  For Kids by VTech. It’s possibly the first video camera dedicated solely for kids which comes with two included mounts so that they are able to attach it to a bike, skateboard and more. It also includes a waterproof casing by using which your kids will be able to take videos and pictures up to six feet underwater. The camera features a 1.4 inch color LCD screen and can take stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos apart from the standard ones. Let them explore their creativity behind the lens with this masterpiece in hand!

  35. 17. Clothespin Clip Light

  36. Attach the Clothespin Clip Light to a number of objects and illuminate them like never before. This is because this clothespin is a bit different. It bears a bright LED in the shape of a clothes pin and can work as a handy light source you can carry anywhere you go. You can actually make use of this as a book light at night. The design is made out of wood and is highly portable so that you are able to carry it while you travel outdoors. Never stop reading even when the light’s out.

  37. 18. GekkoPod

  38. GekkoPod is a flexible mount that, like its namesake, adjusts to any surface and can hold handheld devices in countless positions. It has five extremely durable legs that can be contorted and adjusted to hold smartphones, pocket cameras, and even GoPros just about anywhere. GekkoPod’s five legged structure is made of 80% rubber and 20% stainless steel, making it both pliable and durable; it can hold more than 1.5 lbs. The GekkoPod is lightweight, making it easy to carry on the go, whether fastened onto purse straps, belt loops, or thrown into a bag. Zuckerim Ltd achieves major success with its Kickstarter campaign and is now ready to launch its stretch goals for camouflage and glow in the dark GekkoPods, and a tripod adapter.

  39. 19. LINKA : World’s First Auto-Unlocking Smart Bike Lock

  40. Lock Smarter Not Harder with LINKA. Our bike lock features Tamper Alerts, Auto-Unlock, Built-in Siren, Keyless Access & more! With LINKA’s revolutionary patent-pending Auto-Unlock feature, you’ll never have to carry a key. As you approach your bike, LINKA will recognize you and unlock automatically. Quick, convenient, and easy. Bikes are stolen in broad daylight and thieves have become annoyingly bold. We gave LINKA a screeching 100 dB siren to ensure all eyes are on preying thieves, before they ever get away with your prized steed. With our sophisticated triple-axis accelerometer, we’ve even reduced the chances of false alarms by capturing the methods and movements of thieves compared to someone bumping your bike by accident.

  41. 20. Ztylus – iPhone 6 Plus Metal Case and Lens Adapter Kit

  42. Provide your iPhone 6 Plus with full body protection by using Ztylus. The best feature of this case is that it comes with a removable kickstand disk which can easily be detached and replaced with Ztylus Revolver Lens Attachment & LED Ring Light Attachment. The design is of precision quality which is presented in a compact and ergonomic form. It’s compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus only and is a dedicated Made in USA product. So if you’re into mobile photography and have recently got your hands on the iPhone 6 Plus, this is the metal case you must opt for.

  43. 21. ProGrip – Floating GoPro Remote Grip with Dry Storage by PolarPro

  44. By using the ProGrip, you’ll be able to float your camera as well as provide waterproof storage for up to 2 GoPro batteries. So you’ll be able to take this to your next outdoor adventure and not miss out on capturing any of those golden moments. The expandable top section will be giving you an additional ultra-compact grip section. It also works as the GoPro Remote Control. You just have to take the Remote Placeholder out and pop your GoPro remote in so as to enjoy a streamlined control of your GoPro. The grip will be really helpful in wet environments. You can’t miss to have this on your outdoor expeditions.

  45. 22. Argo Petascope Pet Carrier

  46. Your little buddies can now accompany you on any long trip you make once you get them one of these super lightweight Argo Petascope Pet Carrier. You can either use the comfy padded handle if you’re out on a short trip or the sporty 51” shoulder strap for even weight distribution during those long tours. The dual layer meshed windows on 3 sides ensure proper ventilation for your pets so that they don’t feel caged inside. To add to this are the vibrant color combinations you can choose from: Orange, Pink, Green, Blue and Black. But before you set forth on a journey carrying your pet on this carrier, make sure your pet fits inside comfortably.