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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

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  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Learning Outcomes • the impact of digital resources on marketing, • the key structural characteristics & differences between digital resources, • the evolution in focus of electronic & digital marketing from ‘channel push’ to ‘market pull’ • the key trends in digital marketing: Internet advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, search marketing, social web marketing, gaming and mobile marketing. • the wider influences governing the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy.

  3. Case Insight – Rage v the X Factor How could an online community use social networks to oppose an international music franchise and make British music history?

  4. Introduction to Digital Marketing • Many of the social interactions & information exchanges are facilitated by digital technologies. • In North America, Western Europe and Oceania/Australia, Internet penetration and adoption stands at approximately 63% (Internet World Stats, 2009). • With this has come development and adoption of digital resources, from mobile technologies to internet and social web resources such as blogs, social networking sites, wiki’s and similar multi-media sharing services • Altering consumer expectations of their interaction with the web or an organization and also changing how we market in the digital space.

  5. ? How big is Digital Marketing and what does it do for the user

  6. Electronic & Digital Marketing

  7. ? What would you say are the main Digital Marketing Methods

  8. Types of Digital Marketing

  9. Structural Properties of Digital Resources • It is important to understand how the many and varied digital resources differ across key structural properties. • This helps to make a more informed decision about which resources are most suitable for the achievement of your marketing objectives.

  10. Marketing’s Digital Evolution

  11. Marketing’s Digital Evolution

  12. ? How would you advertise a product or service on the Internet

  13. Internet Advertising

  14. ? What are the key considerations when considering for advertising on the net

  15. Internet Advertising • Cost • Intrusion • Format Key Considerations Location • Personalization

  16. ? What are the key considerations when advertising on the net

  17. Search Engine Marketing SEM is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs includes • search engine optimization (SEO), • paid placement (PPC), • contextual advertising, • digital asset optimization • paid inclusion

  18. Search [Engine] Marketing Paid listings - Pay Per Click (PPC) Natural or organic listings - Search engine optimization (SEO) <meta name=“description = > tags Or Snippets from page <title> </title> tags Tip: Craft engagement messages for search results page Test with site: <keyphrase>

  19. Fundamentals of Email Marketing • Helps to sell product &: • Build a brand's relationship with a consumer • Create a sense of trust • Retain loyal customers • Generate revenue as well as referrals. • Make the campaign targeted – 80/20 rule • Gain and Confirm Permissions • Personalize • Message and Copy • Subject line • Source Address: ‘From’ • Test, test, and retest • Track, report, and mine results • Collect and follow up responses • Spam blocking Sources: IMT (1999); Glass (2006), Westlund (2009)

  20. ? How can the ‘net facilitate viral marketing...

  21. Viral Marketing Word of mouth (WOM): internet & mobile technologies have increased it’s spread & speed of transfer with ease & low cost. Viral marketing: any strategy that encourages individuals to digitally pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure & influence. • Effective viral marketing campaigning: • Give away useful products or services • Provide effortless transfer to others • Scales easily from small to very large • Exploits common motivations and behaviours • Utilizes existing communication networks • Takes advantage of others' resources Source MRB Example of Viral Campaign - Obama’s presidential campaign, 2008

  22. Case Insight – Rage v the X Factor The Results • 1 million+ Facebook fans, 50,000 + • YouTube search results & endless Twitter chatter In one week Dec ’09, sold over 502,672 copies of it’s single making it Christmas No.1 in ‘09. • Raising over £101,517.48 for Shelter. • 2 new landmarks becoming: • the UK’s first download-only Christmas number 1 • notching up the biggest one-week download sales total in British chart history. • “This is a truly remarkable outcome and possibly the greatest chart upset ever”. • GennaroCastaldo HMV

  23. Social Web [Media] Marketing Social Web Marketing (SWM) is a form of digital marketing using the social web & social media for marketing activities - sales, PR, research, distribution, customer service. Aim is to build a brand’s Social Brand Equity.Social capital, is the relations among individuals (Coleman, 1988).

  24. Social Media Tactics • Twitter • Facebook • Foursquare • Google+ • Instagram • Blogs • LinkedIn • Yelp • YouTube • Delicious & Digg • The most favoured tools are: • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), • Followed by video sharing sites (YouTube), • Image sharing sites (Flickr), • Blogging platforms (WordPress) and • Microblogs (Twitter and Seesmic). CMO Survey (2009)

  25. Social Web [Media] Marketing Principles

  26. ? Why is the mobile a leading digital marketing tool

  27. Advergaming • The use of computer and video games as a medium in which to deliver advertising. Advergames consist of • both membership models of multiplayers (e.g., MMORPG such as World of Warcraft), • Apps downloaded to a mobile device or added to an online social network • Viral games wherein the game is passed on from user to user on the web. • Most advergames require users to register, allowing for the collection of data for marketing research and other marketing initiatives • It is about “perceived playfulness” from digital resources. • Perceived playfulness is the degree to which current /potential users believes that the technology will bring a sense of pleasure. • It is an intrinsic motivator, influenced by the users experience with the digital environment.

  28. Trends in Advergaming • 2 rising trends in digital gaming platforms are social networks and mobile phones. • Social Networks • Applications such as ‘FarmVille’ or ‘Bejeweled’ which induce users to play games with their friends. • Facebook now has had more than 52,000 applications, allowing Facebook users to send each other virtual hugs, share movie picks & play games • Every month more than 70% of Facebook users engage with platform applications, with more than 9,000 applications having over 10,000+ monthly active users (Facebook, 2010). • Mobile Phones • As at January 2010, Apple’s App Store was serving over 100,000 downloadable iPhone apps, with overall, iPhone owners worldwide having downloaded over 2 billion apps. Games appear to be the hottest items in the Apple App Store.

  29. Key Digital Marketing Considerations • Jurisdiction: • Where does digital marketing activity actually take place? • Ownership: • Who owns the content we create and share? • Permissions: • Do you have the right permissions to upload and share content? • Security: • How secure is the data and information you share? • Accessibility: • Does everyone who wants access have access?

  30. Learning Outcomes • Consider the impact of digital resources on marketing. • Appreciated the key structural characteristics across which electronic and digital technologies differ. • Understood the evolution in the focus of electronic and digital marketing from ‘channel push’ to ‘market pull’. • Discuss key trends in digital marketing: Internet advertising, viral, email marketing, search marketing, social web, gaming & mobile marketing. • Outline the wider considerations that influence the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy.

  31. Social Media MarketingSeminar Case Study • General Electric

  32. LINKEDIN & SMM • GE and LinkedIn • What do you think LinkedIn offers the business • What does LinkedIn’s social media platform offer the business-to-business and business-to-consumer user • What benefits has GE derived from using LinkedIn? How well did GE exploit the technologies made available to them by LinkedIn? • If you were starting your own service business providing services to your niche what forms of social media would you employ? Explain the reasons for your choices. • What lessons can we learn from social media marketing to take away & apply elsewhere?