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Club Org Chart

Club Org Chart. Operational Duties Chart. DB Coach - Crew Org Chart. DB program. Wasabi will field as many crews at any given event as the number of paddlers dictates (no paddler left behind). Juniors Special Dragons. Women. Mixed. Program Strtucture.

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Club Org Chart

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  1. Club Org Chart

  2. Operational Duties Chart

  3. DB Coach - Crew Org Chart

  4. DB program Wasabi will field as many crews at any given event as the number of paddlers dictates (no paddler left behind). Juniors Special Dragons Women Mixed

  5. Program Strtucture • 2010 Wasabi Paddling Club Dragon Boat Team Structure (rev 1/26/10) • At the board’s direction, Wasabi’s dragon boat coaches have worked very hard to put together a club structure that we hope will serve all of Wasabi Paddling Club member’s training and racing needs and aspirations. We recognize the value of community & family and also the need for training opportunities for the broad range of athletes our club enjoys. Each of Wasabi’s programs will train athletes throughout the competitive spectrum. While meeting registration deadlines, Wasabi will field as many crews at any given event as the number of paddlers dictates (no paddler left behind). As crews are determined, coaches will work together to offer racing opportunities to all paddlers interested, if necessary in other Wasabi programs. Double rostering will be determined event to event at coaches’ discretion and cooperation. In addition to division programs, the club will offer a Novice/Stroke Development/Club Orientation Program as well as an Elite Training Program. The coaches have defined their programs and 2010 plans as follows:

  6. Mixed Program • MIXED PROGRAMGrandmasters Mixed – Sue Fischer, Head Coach; Larry LaMarsh, Fran Halpin Assistant CoachesOutline/Criteria: Age eligible program, 50 years or older, providing a paddling opportunity and training for novice/recreational competition to highly competitive international world events. Individual monthly performance measurements tracked to help assess cardio and aerobic levels. Video used for individual and team stroke analysis. On and off water performance based testing to seat crews for predetermined outcome events. Double rostering decisions determined event to event at coaches discretion. • 2010 Focus Races: Tempe, Rainier, Kent, Victoria (?), PortlandPractice Days/Times: 1 hour practice 3X/week. Will increase to 1.5 hour practices approximately May 1stCaptain: Fran Halpin

  7. Mixed Program • Premier Mixed – Polly Luthro, Head Coach; Peg Dibello, Jim Hinsvark Assistant Coaches • Outline/Criteria: Trains to race competitively in the Premier division. Team members meet defined criteria which demonstrate mechanical ability; strength & endurance; healthy, participative, positive attitude; and blendability. Mixed team crew are members in good standing of the club and attend practice unless hell freezes over. • 2010 Focus Races: Rio Tinto, Chattanooga (both club focus races)Practice Days/Times: Tues/Thurs 7pm and Sat 9am. Sun 9am during focus race preparation. Captain: Kathy Skinner

  8. Mixed Program • Open Program – Larry LaMarsh, CoachOutline: The Open program is a subset of the Wasabi Mixed program; working with the Mixed program coaches to develop Open training and racing opportunities that do not have a detrimental impact on the Mixed program. The Open program is a subset of the Mixed program because of the relatively small (when compared to the female census) number of male paddlers in the club. As the male paddler census continues to grow, the open program will eventually be able to stand on its own. The goal of the Open program is to represent Wasabi with distinction, sportsmanship, and a highly competitive challenge at races where there is an Open division. 2010 Races: Rio Tinto, Portland (if the Open classification is included)Practice Days/Times: 6 weeks before a race, added to the end of Mixed practices on select Mixed practice days. Captain(s):

  9. Juniors Program • JUNIOR PROGRAM – Randy Stokes, Polly Luthro, Jean Quinsey, CoachesProgram Outline/Criteria: Wasabi’s Junior Program is open to any age eligible paddler of any fitness level or any level of competitiveness or experience. Age requirements are 12 or older and under 23 years of age. To be considered for outcome races, junior paddlers will be selected based on: • Attitude – “Can do” • Mechanical ability, strength and enduranceHealthy, participative, positive attitudeBlendabilityJunior members are in good standing of the ClubAttends practice regularly (missing no more than 3 in any given month)2010 Focus Races: Rose Festival and RioTinto • Additional Races – St. Martin University, Rainier, Kent, Portland, ICF World Championships • Practice Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30– 7:00pm; Saturday 6:30– 8:00am • Rose Festival practice times vary based on high school affiliation and availability of practice times.Captains: Sam Parker, Annika Mellies, Gnora Gumanow, Sarah Scrivens

  10. Women’s Program • WOMEN’S PROGRAM • Grandmasters and Senior Women – Connie Flesuras, Head Coach; SaTina Pasilla & Jeff Campbell, Assistant Coaches; Pat Ivie, Technical CoachMission: To provide highly competitive paddling opportunity for women over 40 at the local, national, and international level. • Outline/Criteria: Women 40 years and older looking for competitive dragon boat experience. All race and most practice crews will be seated according to paddler and ability and fitness. On and off water testing procedures to be determined by coaching staff. • 2010 Focus Races: Tempe; False Creek Women’s Regatta; Rio Tinto (as part of the club’s women’s program, additional crews to be seated by ability as needed); Chattanooga pending interest, CCWC Macau (Masters 40+ and Grandmasters 50+); Portland; San Francisco • Practice Days/Times: Mon/Wed 6-7pm & 7-8:30pm; Sat 8-9am (7:30-9am seasonally)Captains: Ann Malkasian & Carolyn StewartPractice Attendance: email Ann Malkasian at annimal1@aol.comTeam Information May be Found at: http://pwersurge.info/index.html

  11. Women’s Program (cont’d) • Premier Women – Carol Hoekstra, Head Coach; Suzi Cloutier, Assistant Coach • Mission: To provide a highly competitive paddling opportunity at regional, national, and international levels to women paddlers capable of paddling in premier women’s class racing. • Outline/Criteria: We will train women ranging throughout the competitive spectrum within this program, until such time as competitive race crews are developed. At that time racing opportunities and available paddlers may need to be evaluated in conjunction with the other women’s program coaches, in order to ensure adequate and appropriate racing opportunities for all. Where more than 24 paddlers are available for a race crew, ability based seating will be used. • Practices will alternate between ability based seating and blended seating. Ability based seating decisions be guided by:- Trial results, for both on water and dry land fitness tests- Technical proficiency (a minimum 80% effectiveness standard will be expected for the most competitive paddling level) • - Maintenance of outside fitness and adequate strength to weight ratio • - Coach’s recommendation and discretion (evaluating attitude, seat positions, flexibility, blend, behavior, etc.) • Paddlers will be given a paddler expectation sheet guiding commitment expectations which will aid the paddler in attaining their desired competitive level. This form will cover attendance, ability, off water training, and subjective standards such as attitude and blendability. • 2010 Focus Races: In addition to club outcome races – False Creek Women’s Regatta, Portland, San Francisco. Practice Days/Times: Mon/Wed 7pm, Sun 10am • Captains: Aimee Edwards, Jodi BurroughsManager: Asia Young

  12. Cancer Survivors • Cancer Survivors – Corky Lai, Coach • Criteria: Survived cancer for cancer races OR not a cancer survivor but want to paddle with this crew in the women’s division. Which women’s division is dependent on the age of the youngest paddler for any given race. Expectations: Attend and focus on practices 3X/week and personal work off the water including resistance training, aerobic training, and weight loss program (if warranted). Erg times are used to track strength and aerobic training. • 2010 Focus Races: Macau or Chattanooga • Practice Days/Times: Tue/Thur 6-7pm, Sat 10-11:30amCaptains: Sharon Cresalia and Gretchen Brown

  13. Special Dragons • Special Dragons – Gwen Foley, Gretchen Yost, Coaches • Outline/Criteria: Athletes with developmental disabilities age 14 years and older. • 2010 Focus Races: Rose Festival. Other possible races include False Creek Women’s Regatta, Tacoma, Kent, Portland • Practice Days/Times: Mon/Wed 5-6pm; Sun 9:30-10:30amCaptains: Gwen Foley, Gretchen YostManager: Lori Sloan

  14. Novice Stroke Development Program • NOVICE/STROKE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM/CLUB ORIENTATION – • “Entry to Wasabi” training program, not a racing opportunity. Also offers the opportunity for more hands-on coaching for those needing extra technical assistance. • Program Directors: Polly Luthro, Tracey Miller, Jim Hinsvark, Peg Dibello • All Wasabi coaches rotating and working togetherProgram Outline: A once a month, or more often as needed, program of club orientation to include “Wasabi’s” stroke, calls, club culture & structure. Coaches will identify 2-5 paddlers who need a little extra hands-on technical training to be included in the Stroke Development program. The program will be tailored to the time of season and those in attendance. • Practice Days/Times: to be determined

  15. Elite Program • ELITE TRAINING PROGRAM – This is a training program, not a racing squad, additional fee to be determined • Program Directors/Coaches: Polly Luthro, Connie Flesuras, Carol HoekstraGoal: To create a vehicle to improve the individual performance of Wasabi’s most competitive athletes. Participation Criteria:1) Member in good standing of Wasabi2) Actively participate in one (or more) of Wasabi’s competitive crews3) Coach recommendation4) Within acceptable athletic range of BMI5) Currently engaged in documented off water training plan including cardio, and strength training6) Have, or willing to acquire, competency in OC 17) Willingness to adopt and document coach suggested training guidelines both on and off the water as well as nutritional regimen • 8) Initial program shall be limited to 40 paddlers • 9) Top 20% of Wasabi’s paddlers • 10) At least one year of competitive racing experience (possibly overcome via coach’s recommendation) • 11) Achieves technical competency 85% of the time in practice • 12) Open to team blending, coach recommended seating 13) Absence from training sessions will be accepted only with an approved, reasonable cause • Service Plan:1) 2 practices per month2) Practices shall be up to 2 hours in length and may include on and off water training • 3) Monthly video taping and coach analysis • 4) Off water training plan reviewed by certified personal trainer (may be current trainer) and reviewed monthly by program coach • 5) Monthly individual stroke analysis by program coach during on water practice • Practice Days/Times: Twice a month, 1st and 3rd Sundays, 9-11am

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