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STScI Org chart

STScI Org chart. InstrumentS Division. Instruments Division. JWST. Hubble. ACS/WFPC2. NIRCam. RIAB. WFC3. NIRSpec. Telescopes / FGS. COS/STIS. NIRISS. MESA. MIRI. Who are we?. Linda Smith: INS Division Head Margaret Meixner : INS Division Deputy

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STScI Org chart

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  1. STScI Org chart

  2. InstrumentS Division Instruments Division JWST Hubble ACS/WFPC2 NIRCam RIAB WFC3 NIRSpec Telescopes / FGS COS/STIS NIRISS MESA MIRI

  3. Who are we? • Linda Smith: INS Division Head • Margaret Meixner: INS Division Deputy • Robin Auer: INS Administrative Supervisor • Ana-Maria Valenzuela: INS Administrative Assistant

  4. What can we do for you?: • INS Division Service and Oversight • Organize Division Wide activities: TIPS, Fall picnic, winter party • Create annual budget & staffing plans for missions • Help recruitment for research staff and hires technical staff • Handle staff transfers within INS • Oversee annual PAR appraisal cycles • Housing for INS staff • Mentoring Program • Training programs • Administration support on travel forms, reimbursement, check requests and credit card purchases • INS Division oversight on ITAR, IT and flexible workplace policies • Diversity, Culture and Respect Working Group staffing

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