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Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation

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  1. Embassy Attestation The Embassy is the official government body of a country located in a foreign country, it has a lot of roles and responsibilities, the roles of any embassy usually are; visa services, passport services, verification services, diaspora community management, diplomatic responsibilities and a lot more. The Embassy is responsible for the nationals of a particular country where the embassy is located in, coming to their home country. For example - The Embassy of India in Washington DC is responsible for American nationals coming to India. The officials at the embassy provide them appropriate visas and take their interviews, verify documents etc. The role of embassies of countries around the world is massive. One of the major roles being, ​Embassy attestation​, it is the verification of the documents/certificates by the officials of the embassy, once the officials have finished the verification and everything seems normal; they provide the attestation stamp or for popular understanding; embassy attestation.

  2. What does attestation mean? Attestation, basically, means the verification of documentation. Documents like certificates, degrees and annual marksheets. Mostly, attestation on documentation is necessary for getting a job overseas or seeking employment opportunities on foreign lands. Countries which made attestation on documents compulsory are the gulf countries, to prevent foreign nationals from working degrees/certificates. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE are some of the countries in that region which have necessitated the requirements of documents like degrees and certificates to be attested. on their lands with fake or forged

  3. Attestation process- Attestation is done on various levels, stage by stage; the process starts on the local level and later advances onto the state level, then on national level, and finally by the country where the employment is wished to be considered, which is embassy attestation. Notary attestation - Verification of documents/certificates is done on a local level, a local notary officer provides the person with a stamp on its documents/certificates, this is the first stage of attestation. State attestation - It is the process which is performed on the state level by the HRD ministry to verify various documents, including educational certificates and degrees. MEA attestation - It is the final attestation on national grounds, after notary, HRD/SDM, Ministry of External Affairs attestation is performed. After this the document becomes deemed to be certified. Embassy attestation - This verification is conducted by the authorities of the country where a person is trying to get education/employment in, These officials perform the final check after the attestation is completed on a local, state and national level, after MEA stamp the document becomes valid for them to perform a final certification on. Embassy attestation is the final and the most important step in this process. Why is attestation necessary? Some nations, mostly located in the gulf region have faced this problem during the stages of industrialization, the problem is people reigning from foreign lands, basically foreign nationals getting employed in their nations with fake/forged degrees/certificates. This led to the introduction of a necessary procedure called attestation. Embassy attestation is the final level of verification. Once the documents have been verified by the embassy, a person can go ahead and continue its venture, because the documents like degrees and certificates are now completely authenticated and verified