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Embassy Attestation PowerPoint Presentation
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Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation

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Embassy Attestation

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  1. Embassy is the official residence of an ambassador. Attestation done by the respective embassy is termed as embassy attestation. Embassy attestation is the final process for your documents. Your documents need to get attested if you to travel abroad .For your documents to be attested by the respective embassy from your home country you need to first follow few of the other steps. The documents should be first attested home department or human resource department then after that the ministry of external affairs should attest the documents only then the documents can be attested by the embassy. Why do you need embassy attestation? People need embassy attestation for different needs. The following are some of the reasons for which people use embassy attestation.

  2. For getting a work permit For getting higher education For getting a family visa if you wish to take your family along to any foreign country. It is also used for some medical emergency etc .Embassy attestation is an inevitable step of document attestation. Embassy from which you need to get your certificates attested depends upon the country to which you wish to migrate. After getting your documents attested from the respective embassy the documents have a seal and signature of the embassy stating that the documents are real and genuine. Embassy attestation is mandatory for people to get visa in foreign countries. So before migrating to any foreign country make sure that your documents are attested by the respective embassy.