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Law Office of Anthony J. Nunes

Law Office of Anthony J. Nunes

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Law Office of Anthony J. Nunes

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  1. Personal injury attorney Los Angeles

  2. Do you know !! Every time a driver gets into the car they are at risk for experiencing an accident. A car accident can affect people's lives in several swap ways. First of all, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries throughout the United States.

  3. Car Accident Statistics in Los Angeles County • In 2008, 667 people died from car accidents.  • More than 50,000 people experienced injuries from auto accidents in Los Angeles County alone.  • Over 80,000 auto accidents involved property damage in Los Angeles County.  • Auto accidents in California account for nearly 10% of all deaths and injuries that happen in the United States. • Recent studies show an increase of 9% in accidents across U.S. highways (NHTSA)

  4. experienced injuries from an accident ? If you’ve experienced injuries from an accident while driving on the road, you know how stressful it is to deal with legal and financial issues. Second, injuries can cause people financial stress due to lost time at work and medical bills. Furthermore, there are plenty of people who suffer from financial struggles due to legal fees, which can be avoided by finding the right personal injury attorney Los Angeles.

  5. Injury Lawyer’s Fee Orange County injury lawyers learn and practice the state’s injury law. Usually they operate on a contingent fee basis. You don’t have to pay any fee. They’ll charge a small portion of the settlement of your claim. Your Santa Ana personal injury attorney should be honest. He should not give you false hope. Should clearly tell you your chances of winning a claim in an accident. Furthermore, he should be compassionate and should care for your wellbeing instead of the money.

  6. Thank you If you want to hire a personal injury attorney Los Angeles visit: