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Eau De Perfume Buying Guide For Men And Women PowerPoint Presentation
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Eau De Perfume Buying Guide For Men And Women

Eau De Perfume Buying Guide For Men And Women

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Eau De Perfume Buying Guide For Men And Women

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  1. Customer Care No : +91-7206277777 Email ID Eau De Perfume Buying Guide For Men And Women When you are out for buying a perfume, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of choices available around. Here is the guide that helps you pick the best eau de perfume for men or women. A European study reveals that men go after visual features of the woman and the latter judge men by their fragrance. The women’s instinct of loving men’s fragrance, therefore, makes it important for men to have the correct perfume in their wardrobe. The smell is one of the most important reminders of a person’s personality. It conveys lot many emotions, NEESH.IN

  2. Customer Care No : +91-7206277777 Email ID too, and is capable of taking the person back to the old memories of a person. Here are some important things to know that can help you knowing what you are buying when you are shop for the eau de parfum for men. a.Types of fragrances All fragrances are not the same. These differ from each other in strength, lasting capacity and chemical composition and so on. Some of the labels in the fragrance section might read: i. Parfum: This perfume is the most expensive of all types and scales highest on the concentration too. When applied, the impact of this perfume lasts for about a day. It is slightly oilier to touch. ii.Perfume: Marketed as Eau De Parfum, this perfume is unisex in nature and is applicable to both men and women. The perfume percentage in this measures 15%-20% and its effect remains for 5-8 hours. You can find eau de perfume for women or men written iii.Cologne: This is the oldest term for perfume. Mostly, it stands for the perfume used by men in North America. Men of younger age or boys prefer using it because of its fresh and fruity smell. The preparation involves mixing of 2-4% perfume oils in alcohol and water. NEESH.IN

  3. Customer Care No : +91-7206277777 Email ID iv.Toilette: 5-15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol. Its fragrance stays for about 3 hours. The labels reading Eau De Toilette mean this type of perfume. v.Eau Fraiche: This is the most diluted version of perfume. It comprises of 1-3 % perfume oils in mixture of alcohol and water. The impact is not more than an hour. NEESH.IN

  4. Customer Care No : +91-7206277777 Email ID On the basis of the way the Eau de perfume or other fragrances produce their effect on application, the fragrances are said to have a life-cycle which has following phases: a.Base Note: The fragrances belonging to this category take the longest time to react and stay the longest too. That means the fragrance reaches the nose quite after some time of application. The important perfumes belonging to this type are tobacco, musk, vanilla, and vetiver and so on. b.Medium Note: This note corresponds to the main element the fragrance is composed of. Most of the strong smelling perfumes like jasmine, grass, clove and cinnamon belong to this note. This fragrance stays for about 3-5 hours after the perfume is sprayed. c.Top Note: When the first whiff of fragrance hits your nose, you actually smell its top note. The top note stays for about 15 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the strength. The smell is lighter and reaches the nose the moment the perfume is sprayed. Powdery scents, citrus and fruity scents, cinnamon and the smell of marine and aquatic are some of the fragrances that are said to have top note. NEESH.IN

  5. Customer Care No : +91-7206277777 Email ID Linear vs. Non linear scents Often you come across the scent that smells the same all through the application time. The scents smell the same even hours after the application. These are called linear scents. And, these are the cheap perfumes which are found in affordable perfume category. The other type is non-linear. The smell changes as the day progresses. So, if you want your scent to work differently in office hours and in the evening, you must go for non-linear perfumes. So, when you buy Eau De Perfume next time, you know what the various words on the label means. You also know what questions to ask while shopping for the perfumes. NEESH.IN