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Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)

Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). PERT 2012. Training for Test Chairpersons 2012 February 3, 2012. Agenda. What is PERT? Who needs to test? Subtests to administer PERT test format Scheduling Accommodations Accessibility Wizard Computer technical requirements

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Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)

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  1. Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) PERT 2012 Training for Test Chairpersons 2012 February 3, 2012

  2. Agenda • What is PERT? • Who needs to test? • Subtests to administer • PERT test format • Scheduling • Accommodations • Accessibility Wizard • Computer technical requirements • Creating usernames and passwords • Training proctors • Administering a tests • Reports • PERT resources • Who to contact

  3. What is the PERT? • Florida’s new common placement test replacing the CPT as per Florida Statutes 1008.30. • Used to determine college ready credit courses in math and English. • Comprised of three 25-item, computer adaptive subtests in reading, writing and mathematics. • Results are used by high schools to advise students of any identified deficiencies and to provide 12th grade students appropriate postsecondary preparatory instruction prior to high school graduation.

  4. PERT Testing Window • Scheduled for the Spring of 2012. • February 21, 2012- March 30, 2012 • PERT testing should not take place during the administration of other high stakes assessments that may impact select 11th grade students such as: • FCAT 2.0 • End of Course assessments • Advanced Placement • International Baccalaureate • CELLA • Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education Examination

  5. Who is administered the PERT? • All current 11th grade students who meet the legislative eligibility requirements on the Grade 10 FCAT: • Levels 2, or 3 on the Grade 10 FCAT Reading, and/or • Levels 2, 3, or 4 on the Grade 10 FCAT Mathematics • Students who already have ACT, SAT, or CPT scores in ISIS may be exempted from the PERT administration. • If scores are not in ISIS, students must provide original score report to school. • Retain copy of score report

  6. Who is administered the PERT? Cont… • All 11th grade students who meet the legislated eligibility requirement and must participate in the administration of a college placement tests are as follows: • Department of Juvenile Justice students • Charter school students • Full time public Virtual School students

  7. College-Ready Cut Scores

  8. What happens if a student does not meet college-readiness? • Students who do not meet the state established college ready cut scores on the PERT or another approved college entrance test in Reading, Writing, and or Mathematics (ACT, SAT, or CPT) must be enrolled in postsecondary preparatory instruction in 12th grade prior to graduation. • Further information regarding course placement will be provided by Curriculum and Instruction.

  9. Approved Postsecondary Preparatory Courses Reading for College Success (1008350) .5 elective credit course Writing for College Success (1009370) .5 elective credit course Math for College Success (1200410) .5 elective credit course Math for College Readiness (1200700) full credit course English 4: College Prep (1001405) full credit course

  10. What happens if a student meets college-readiness? • Students scoring at or above the college-ready cut scores are exempt from remedial college coursework if they register in a Florida college or university within 2 years.

  11. Identifying Students Who Need to Test • Pre-Grid upload to McCann Associates provided Friday, January 27, 2012 • School list printed as of January 27, 2012 • Identifies students who meet the criteria . • Identifies which subtests they must be administered. • Identifies students who have an SAT or ACT score on file. ACCUPLACER/CPT scores are not available. • Will be forwarded to schools the week of February 6th

  12. Subtests to Administer

  13. PERT Test Format • PERT is comprised of 30 questions and is computer adaptive. • 25 operational questions • 5 additional field test questions • Students receive different questions based on right/wrong responses. • PERT is untimed. The average time to complete each subtests is: • Math 37 minutes • Reading 60 minutes • Writing 33 minutes

  14. Scheduling PERT Subtests • Recommendations are as follows: • Reading/Writing within the same test session • Math subtests may be tested separately • Schools may test all 3 subtests in one school session if preferred

  15. PERT Accommodations • Who is eligible? • ESE students with current IEPs • Section 504 students • ELL students • ESE/504 Students: Paper versions are not available • Paper version • Large print paper version • Braille • ELL Students: • Heritage language to English dictionaries are allowable. • Extended time is not applicable as tests are not timed. However, students may be scheduled to take one test per day if extended time is needed.

  16. PERT Accessibility Wizard Accommodations • Accessibility Wizard • May be used with students who test on the computer but have visual impairments. • Students will be able to change tests setting • Enlarge Font Size • Change Font Style • Change background color • Accommodated forms are available for all three subtests through Accessibility Wizard for reading, writing and math.

  17. Technical Requirements to Administer the PERT

  18. Technical Requirements to Administer the PERT Cont…

  19. Student Practice Tests • Online practice tests in all 3 subtests are available on the College Success website login screen at: http://college.measuredsuccess.com • Students may take the practice tests at anytime or place PRIOR to the actual test(s). • No login information is needed to access. • PERT Study Guide may be accessed at: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/pdf/PERT-StudentStudyGuide.pdf

  20. Sample Parent Letters • A sample parent letter in English is provided by the FLDOE. • Spanish and Creole versions will be forwarded when available • The letter notifies parents of the following: • Electronic Devices are prohibited • Academic Honesty is expected • Students will be required to read the Privacy Policy online prior to testing • The parent letter will be posted to our Test Chairperson website for school use.

  21. Training for the PERT • Test Security Agreement • Must be signed prior to test units being assigned to your school. • Test Security Agreement must be sign by all test administrators trained at your school. Please maintain these forms at your school location for your records. • Only certified teachers may administer a test, and proctors are strongly encouraged in rooms with more than 25 students. • Seating Charts must be maintained for all testing rooms.

  22. Administration of PERT • Computer set up • Student workstation set up in ‘Kiosk’ mode • M-DCPS microsystem technicians will set up • Charter schools will be provided with procedures. • Required Materials • Scratch paper for math subtest • No hand-held calculators may be provided • Read Script • Monitor to ensure students remain on website • Verify students have completed the subtests and logged off

  23. Terms to Become Familiar with • Institution Administrator = District • The Institution Administrator (SAET) will provide the following: • Training and support • List of students to test • Login usernames and passwords • Site = School • Site Manager = Test Chairperson and/or School Principal • Set up proctors for test administration • Verify student eligibility and adds new students • Access reports • Proctor = Test Administrator • Only the Site Mangers and Proctors may administer the test to students with login credentials provided by the district. • Branching Profile = Test (s) to be administered

  24. Branching Profiles

  25. Creating User Accounts • Step 1: Log in using created username and password • Step 2: Create/Update Users (Proctors) • Step 3: Add Users (Proctors) • Step 4: Create a New User (Proctor) • Step 5: Create/Update Users (Return to pull up list of users) • Step 6: Search and Edit Users (Search for individual or list of Proctors)

  26. How does a Proctor Administer a test? • Step 1: Proctor logs in using created username and password • Step 2: Administer Test • Step 3: Student IDs • Search for full student list, or • Enter individual student ID • Step 4: Login the student • Step 5: Enter the access key • Step 6: Click on the test • Step 7: Exit/Save • Step 8: Log out (Proctor must verify)

  27. New Students • Step 1: log in • Step 2: Administer Test • Step 3: Select New Test Session • Step 4: Select the test from the pull down menu • Step 5: Acknowledge the Student Privacy Policy • Step 6: Enter student information • Step 7: Verify student information • New Student to MDCPS: Create New Student • Student transfers from other school: Verify and click next

  28. Coming Soon… • Student tickets are in development • Produce student list and create ticket with username and password • Students will sign in from the main login screen • Webinar training will be provided • Updated manuals will be provided ***Do Not us students usernames & password*** • Student data and secure test content could be compromised. • Full administration window is delayed subject to this development.

  29. Student Screens • Student Privacy Policy • Welcome message • Administration script (On screen and must be read to the student)

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