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  1. ST SE SNC2P – Grade 10 Applied Chemistry

  2. Chemicals in the Workplace

  3. How much chemical is produced worldwide each year?

  4. According to the International Labour Organization 400milliontonnes!

  5. That’s 4000 of these babies…

  6. Where do they come from and what are they used for? Agricultural chemicals, Food additives, Pharmaceuticals, Fuels for power production, Chemical consumer products, Etc…

  7. For the majority of chemicals used in the workplace, little or nothing is knownabout their possible immediate or long-term health effects.

  8. In some countries, workers are required to work — with little or no protection — with chemicals that are known to be hazardous to human health.

  9. In many countries, chemicals are literally dumped into the environment, often with serious human and environmental consequences.

  10. Nearly all workers today are exposed to some sort of chemical hazard.

  11. Chemical hazards are the most serious health hazard for workers today.

  12. Routes of entry

  13. Effects of chemicals on the body

  14. Learn about the professional hazards and how to prevent its exposure to yourself and the environment.

  15. Jobs that involve chemistry Food Technician Lab Analyst Physicians Clinical analyst Soap makersFood grade Oil makersPlastic makers Wine manufacturersEnzyme manufacturersFertilizer makers Chemical Engineer Biochemist Petrochemical Engineer Food Chemist SteelersMine industry engineersJewellery makers Paint manufacturersCement (mortar and concrete) manufacturers Medicine makers Biochemical Engineers Agriculturists Environmental engineers Pharmacologist Biologist Genetist Cosmetic manufacturer


  17. The Young Worker Awareness Program (YWAP) has decided to run an INFO fair for grade 9 students to educate them about the chemicals used in the workplace. They are currently hiring people to investigate different careers and to assess the hazards associated with the handling and disposing of chemicals in terms of its impact on human health and the environment. YWAP is interested in hiring YOU because of your knowledge in chemistry.

  18. Worth It

  19. Assessment Strategies:

  20. Marking Rubric