inquiry 3 the crisis is real n.
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Inquiry 3: The Crisis Is Real PowerPoint Presentation
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Inquiry 3: The Crisis Is Real

Inquiry 3: The Crisis Is Real

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Inquiry 3: The Crisis Is Real

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  1. Inquiry 3: The Crisis Is Real Michael CEbulka

  2. Video Link •

  3. Introduction • Definition of Remix • Process that led up to final project

  4. Rhetorical Choices • BobmDroppin g Sound Effect • Repetition separated by Meme • Debt Calculator and Question: “How can we solve this (the national debt crisis) though?” • Not much time given before Barack Obama proposes ideas for possible solutions. This essentially becomes a rhetorical question. • Quick transition to Dave Cote’s possible solutions ideas.

  5. Rhetorical Choices (Continued) • Beethoven’s 5th Symphony starts with Stop sign image. • Song continues when explaining split of houses of congress=problem. • Music changes to “Yankee Doodle.” Creates a more positive tone and sets up the proposal of my message. • Begin conclusion of video by leaving the viewers with the question “what would you do to solve this immediate crisis?” • That question is then followed up with the text “I want YOU to take the next congressional election seriously” over a picture of Uncle Sam.

  6. Rhetorical Choices (Continued) • This powerful image, is followed by the rhetorical question, “why, you ask?” • The answer to this rhetorical question is immediately given so the reader has no time to think of a response. • The question is answered in the form of another sound bite from Barack Obama. • Obama closes out my video by saying, “As a society we decided that we have to change,” before taking a long pause and saying, ”we must.” • This sound bite provides the remix with a “full circle” sense as the video both started and finished with a sound bite of an Obama quote. • Juxtaposition helps support that change is needed to solve debt crisis.

  7. Rhetorical Velocity and Kairos • Right now would be the best time to distribute my remix due to the kairos of the situation. • Given that I will be uploading my remix to YouTube to begin with, the best way to make the distribution of it more effective would be to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and by word of mouth to my friends. • Shares/likes and comments, retweets and favorites, and spread via word of mouth=redistribution.

  8. Rhetorical Velocity and Kairos (Continued) • One way that this could be remixed would be to add in opinions on methods that can be used to approach the debt problem. • If someone who thinks that the country does not have a debt crisis, then it could be remixed completely differently to show why the country is fine financially.

  9. Unique Challenges • Luckily, I did not run into many problems remixing my video. • Biggest challenges: • Finding ways to make my textual images visually satisfying. Also, I needed • Finding a way to effectively end my remix, which I achieved by using a video clip to bring the remix full circle. • I believe that my relatively smooth creation process, along with my creative ending is enough to make my remix a successful one.