present passive system n.
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Present Passive System PowerPoint Presentation
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Present Passive System

Present Passive System

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Present Passive System

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  1. Present Passive System It will rock you.

  2. What does “passive” mean? • An active verb is one in which the subject is doing the action. • I walked the dog. • A passive verb is one in which the action is being performed on the subject. • The dog was walked by me.

  3. Singular Singular Plural Plural Form Translate Form Translate 1st I am loved we are loved 1st amo I love amamus we love 2nd you are loved you (pl) are loved 2nd  amas you love amatis y’all love 3rd He/she/it is loved they are loved 3rd amat he/she/it loves amant they love What does “passive” mean? (cont.) So instead of… We have…

  4. Is this active or passive? The dog bit the evil man. ACTIVE

  5. Is this active or passive? I was tempted by the cookie. PASSIVE

  6. Is this active or passive? I am frightened by improper grammar. PASSIVE

  7. Is this active or passive? I will call him Squishy. ACTIVE

  8. How do you form it in Latin? For the present system: • Form the tense the way you would normally. • Subtract –m, – s, – t, – mus, – tis, – nt • Add –r, –ris, –tur, –mur, –mini, –ntur

  9. Example: amo, amare in the present passive Singular Plural 1st amor I am loved amamur we are loved 2nd amaris you are loved amamini y’all are loved 3rd amatur it is loved amantur they are loved

  10. Example: teneo, tenēre in the present passive Singular Plural 1st teneor I am kept tenemur we are kept 2nd teneris you are kept tenemini y’all are kept 3rd tenetur it is kept tenentur they are kept

  11. EXCEPTION!! 3rd Conjugation does not like Iris 2nd person singular make -iris into -eris

  12. Example: pono, ponere in the present passive Singular Plural 1st ponor I am placed ponimur we are placed 2nd poneris you are placed ponimini y’all are placed 3rd ponitur it is placed ponuntur they are placed

  13. Example:audio, audire in the present passive Singular Plural 1st audior I am heard audimur we are heard 2nd audiris you are heard audimini y’all are heard 3rd auditur it is heard audiuntur they are heard

  14. Present Passive Song –R –RIS –TUR –MUR –MINI –NTUR Present passive Endings, Endings One of these endings should be your choice Whenever you use the passive voice Take off –re That’s your base Now you just put the endings in place.