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Navigating Poverty

Navigating Poverty. Rhea Cramer, M.S. EI /ECSE Specialist at Early Childhood CARES, Poverty 101 Coach, Raised in Generational Poverty. https://vimeo.com/98007649. Gienia’s Story. Homelessness. Mental Illness. Alcoholism. Isolation. Poverty. Fear. Abuse and Neglect. No Healthcare.

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Navigating Poverty

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  1. Navigating Poverty Rhea Cramer, M.S. EI/ECSE Specialist at Early Childhood CARES, Poverty 101 Coach, Raised in Generational Poverty https://vimeo.com/98007649

  2. Gienia’s Story Homelessness Mental Illness Alcoholism Isolation Poverty Fear Abuse and Neglect NoHealthcare Starvation

  3. Healthy Activities No Starvation No Abuse Rhea’s Story Health Care Prenatal Care Poverty Raised by single Teen mom No Physical Abuse Education Early Intervention: Teen Parent Program, Head start Acted as Co-Parent Community of Mothers Low-Income Housing

  4. Navigating Poverty • NAVIGATING…?

  5. What Poverty Teaches Things are taken away- don’t care about or value personal objects Jobs can be menial and unfulfilling Education and learning have no place in the war zone of poverty. Education=Stress If you are silent or give off an aura of violence people might leave you alone You must do and say whatever it takes to survive • No one cares about me or my family • I am alone • I don’t belong, I am not wanted • I have nothing to offer • I am not smart • I am in a war zone and need to survive • I have no control and neither do the adults in my world

  6. Poverty and 90 By 30 • There’s no doubt that a population that has been oppressed, traumatized and conditioned to live without their basic needs being met, will experience more abuse and have a higher rate of child abuse. • Are people who are experiencing poverty a part of the club/team/etc. when we discuss child abuse and how to reduce it? • How do we include this population?

  7. Mentor Characteristics(Beegle, 2006) Believe in the individual, focus on strengths Help build networks of support with other mentors and professionals Believe there is a way out of poverty Develop a full resource backpack Teach how to build and maintain their own networks of support. Have “Poverty Competency” You must understand the structural causes of poverty. Gain an awareness of the history of poverty in the US.

  8. How to be a Mentor (Beegle, 2006) • Meet people where they are, not where we want them to be • Spend time helping those you serve see that you are just a person • Don’t ignore basic needs! Remember Maslow • Indentify strengths and abilities, and provide opportunities for people to see that they have something to offer • Identify areas for growth and build individual success plans that are doable • Help them build a network of successful people who have benefited from education. Introduce them and expose them to new experiences

  9. Curious By Donna Beegle I find myself more late with every crisis More angry with every injustice More greedy with every deprivation More rude with every judgment More disorganized with every eviction More negative with every untreated illness More unstable with every insecurity. I find myself more civil with every bite More respectful with every kindness More hopeful with every chance More grateful with every opportunity More ready to learn when I am safe More motivated when there is hope More happy when I am valued. I find myself like the 37 million people in poverty responding in a very human way to my environment.

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