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  2. ABOUT ME: -As a youth player, growing up in Dallas. I played all types of sport. (soccer, football, etc..) I wanted to be involved in everything I could play. -Not until my freshman year of High School, had I not made the Varsity Team. Soccer would have been something to do just to make the time pass by. At that point, I decided to drop all the other sport that I was involved in, to focus my efforts in the game of soccer. -I had the opportunity to continue my playing career at Richland Jr. College, playing for coach Tom Durkin (Div.1 college coach) is where I began my playing experience of playing at the next level. As well i played for the U.S Navy/All Navy soccer team, a small club in France fro a short time, to end here in Austin playing my last few years, with the Austin Lone Stars -I can truly say, that I have found my passion. I have also been blessed with a talent, and would really like to help everyone I can enjoy the game as much as I do.

  3. Objective of training • For each player to become fit, strong, and experience in the game of soccer, helping each player his/her own expectation. • To have all aspects of Tactical & Technical work covered, to allow players to enjoy playing, while still competing at the highest level possible. • Long Term: • As players grow they will have the knowledge and will be able to focus their efforts, so they can maximize every opportunity. • You will have the motivation, and confidence that will carry on in your everyday life.

  4. Pricing For an individual player: $25 A small group: price will be negotiable. Mini Camps: half day $175 per player.

  5. Why Professional Coaching Soccer is the worlds most played sport, but is becoming a power house in terms of the active lifestyle market for people in the United States of America. Finding someone with hands-on experience, is always more capable of passing on the correct knowledge, no matter what field it may be in. We as professional coach take pride in what we are doing. Soccer attracts Focused, goal-driven, success minded people that find soccer as an extension to their lifestyle, those player make my job as much fun as it is.

  6. Thank you, for considering me for your or your youth soccer players needs,. • Demond Johnson