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New Graduate Student Orientation / Welcome Event PowerPoint Presentation
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New Graduate Student Orientation / Welcome Event

New Graduate Student Orientation / Welcome Event

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New Graduate Student Orientation / Welcome Event

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  1. New Graduate Student Orientation / Welcome Event Office of Graduate Studies and Research

  2. Outline of Presentation • Graduate Studies and Research • Graduate Student Issues • Student Support Programs • Questions

  3. Office of Graduate Studies and Research • Jose Galvan – Dean • Alan Muchlinski – Associate Dean • Barbara Allen – Office Manager • James (Jimmy) Montoya – Staff • Graduate Student Assistant • Tel: 323-343-3820 • email: • Administration Building, Room 710

  4. What is the Graduate Studies and Research Office? • We are an administrative office that oversees general policies and procedures for graduate programs and research on campus. • We also operate a number of special programs for graduate students.

  5. Graduate Student Issues

  6. Who are Graduate Students? • Graduate students seeking a degree • Graduate students seeking a certificate • Graduate students seeking a credential • Graduate students – none of the above, or seeking to enter a degree program.

  7. Expectations! • Graduate students are expected to: • Exhibit greater initiative, self-motivation, and innovation than undergraduate students • Perform at a higher academic level than undergraduate students • Make a contribution to their field of study • Outwork their mentor and become an expert in their area of study • Uphold the outstanding quality and tradition of graduate education at Cal State L.A.

  8. Degree-Seeking Graduate Students • Status • G1, unclassified graduate student • G2, classified graduate student • G3, advanced to candidacy • Maintain cumulative g.p.a > 3.00, no grade < C (no academic renewal!) • Must satisfactorily complete a culminating experience • Must complete all work in a maximum of 7 years

  9. Culminating Experience • Thesis – written product of a systematic study of a significant problem • Project – significant undertaking appropriate to the fine and applied arts, or professional fields • Comprehensive Exam – an assessment of the student’s ability to integrate knowledge of the area, show critical and independent thinking, and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter

  10. Thesis / Project Guide • GUIDE TO PREPARATION OF MASTER'S THESES AND PROJECT REPORTS • The Guide to Preparation of Master's Theses and Project Reports is available full-text on the Library Web, or can be purchased at the University Book Store.

  11. Academic Problems: Probation • Classified and conditionally classified graduate students (G1, G2, G3) must maintain at least a 3.00 g.p.a. in all course work on master’s degree program and in all courses completed after admission to the program. • For both unclassified and classified post-baccalaureate students (G4, G5), the g.p.a. is at least 2.50.

  12. Academic Problems: Disqualification • Students placed on probation are given 16 units or two quarters, whichever comes later, to raise their g.p.a. to at least 3.00 (graduate students) or 2.50 (post-baccalaureate students). • If g.p.a. does not come to at least the specified level, student is disqualified from degree program.

  13. Full Time Study Load • 12 weighted units of course work • 12 units of 400-level course work • 8 units of 500-level course work • Students enrolled in any number of units for the following courses are considered to be full-time students: 596, 597, 598, 599 and 900

  14. Satisfactory Academic Progress • For those students who are receiving financial aid: • Graduate students are required to pass 100% of all units attempted at Cal State L.A. • An F, I, IC, NC, or WU grade is not a passing grade

  15. Procedure for Dealing with Problems • Faculty mentor or graduate advisor • Department/Division/School chairperson • Associate Dean of College • Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research • Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

  16. Student Handbooks • Office of Graduate Studies and Research, Graduate Student Handbook •

  17. Student Support Programs

  18. Student Support Programs • Graduate Equity Fellowship Program • designed to increase the number of master’s degrees awarded to economically disadvantaged CSU students • Grant stipends may be up to $1500 per quarter. Students must be eligible for Financial Aid and be enrolled full-time • The deadline for applications is early October for new applicants and early May for continuing awardees.

  19. Student Support Programs • California Pre-Doctoral Program • CSU system-wide program to increase the diversity of potential faculty by supporting doctoral aspirations of CSU students. • Applications accepted from all students. Scholars, who must have faculty sponsors, receive $3,000 during the academic year. • Summer research internships which provide stipends and other support for research at a doctoral institution are available. • The deadline for applications is mid-March but students are encouraged to begin working on their application during the fall term.

  20. Student Support Programs • International Graduate Student Tuition Waiver Program • The International Graduate Student Tuition Waiver provides tuition waivers for selected international graduate students, for up to 24 units per academic year.

  21. Student Support Programs • Travel Support for Presentations by Students • Funds are available to support travel by students to conferences and meetings where they will present the results of their research or other scholarly / creative activity.

  22. Student Support Programs • The Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program • Designed to increase faculty diversity on CSU campuses. Applications accepted from all students. • Financial support and faculty assistance to students pursuing doctoral degrees and who are interested in a CSU faculty position, if available. • Loans up to $10,000 per year for total of three years; 20% of the loan is forgiven for each year of full-time postdoctoral teaching in the CSU. • Yearly application usually available in December and due in February.

  23. Questions