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Warm Up:

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Warm Up:

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  1. Warm Up: Write 10 things you notice about the weather map.

  2. How many fronts can you identify on this map?

  3. What is a Weather Map? A map of an area that shows specific weather conditions or information about the weather. Can be a current map or a forecast map of weather to come. Data from multiple sources is used to create the most accurate map.

  4. What is on a weather map? Weather map symbols show: precipitation, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, low pressure, high pressure, fronts, and much more

  5. What is a High Pressure System? a whirling mass of cool, dry air that generally brings fair weather and light winds or sunny skies 2. represented as a big, blue H.

  6. A large “H” means an area of higher pressure. H Higher pressure usually means nice, clear weather.

  7. What is a Low Pressure System? a whirling mass of warm, moist air that generally brings stormy weather with strong winds. represented as a big, red L.

  8. A large “L” means an area of lower pressure. L Lower pressure usually means clouds, rain, or snow.


  10. How do you read a weather map? First, you need to know the symbols. Next, you need to find your location. Then, you need to read the direction of the front or weather system. Finally, you predict the weather you will experience that day or week.

  11. Creating YOUR own weather map CLASSWORK! FOLLOW all directions Be creative but be accurate! Review the correct symbols before placing them on your map. Turn in to “IN BOX”