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Cowtown Animal Care Fund

Cowtown Animal Care Fund Capital Campaign 2005 Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter Pets Mission Support and promote the health and livelihood of animals in the care and custody of the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center (FWACCC).

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Cowtown Animal Care Fund

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  1. Cowtown Animal Care Fund Capital Campaign 2005

  2. Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter PetsMission • Support and promote the health and livelihood of animals in the care and custody of the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center (FWACCC). • To provide financial assistance and/or promote charitable assistance to the FWACCC specifically to aid the animals in custody of the FWACCC. • To advocate to the Dallas/Fort Worth community in every way possible in the welfare of the animals in the FWACCC, by facilitating promotional activities. • To promote volunteerism to support the CLASP purpose and goals.

  3. Fort Worth Animal Care and ControlMission • Protect the community from the threat of rabies and other animal-transmitted diseases. • Protect the people and pets in Fort Worth from injury caused by roaming animals. • Promote responsible pet ownership through education, enforcement and legislation. • Provide a safe haven for lost and homeless pets; to seek to return lost pets to their owners; and to place as many pets as possible in loving, responsible homes.

  4. Our History • A new Animal Care and Control Center was opened in 1998 on Martin Street in Fort Worth, TX with the following amenities: • Holding areas for lost and homeless dogs and cats • Offices for staff • Spacious lobby also used for meetings • Storage room • By 2004, the City had already found a need to add two additional storage buildings and a mobile office unit in order to meet the needs of a constantly growing program. • In 2003, Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter Pets (non-profit group) was formed to help raise awareness of the FWACCC’s plight. • In February 2004, the citizens of Fort Worth approved a bond package to add a spay/neuter clinic to the FWACCC.

  5. Current Statistics • Each year the FWACCC handles over 20,000 animals • 69% of these animals are euthanized. • 10% of the euthanized animals are put down due to illnesses contracted while inside the holding area. • 15% of the euthanized animals are put down due to behavioral issues relating to their abuse or wild nature. • 28% of the euthanized animals are put down due to low adoption rates.

  6. Why? • Sharing holding areas with incoming animals of unknown health poses a constant threat to adoptable animals. • Animal neglect, abuse, homelessness and over- population causes behavioral problems in animals that many times cannot be overcome, leading to the animals “un-adoptable” status. • Prospective adopters do not view the FWACCC as a pleasant and safe place for pet adoption.

  7. Solution ADOPTION CENTER • Adoptable pets can live in separate quarters away from incoming animals with unknown health issues. • A room for Responsible Pet Owner Instruction classes, Educate the Offender classes, staff training, tour groups and meetings. • Prospective adopters will have a comfortable and attractive environment, free of noise and distractions, to view adoptable pets.

  8. Results • Lowered euthanasia rate of adoptable animals due to a protected, safe and healthy environment. • Lowered abuse, neglect, homelessness and overpopulation rates due to educated citizens. • Higher adoption rates due to separate, spacious living quarters for the adoptable animals and an environment that will showcase the FWACCC as a clean, healthy and friendly animal adoption facility.

  9. A look into the future… A community conference room with audio-visual amenities and library will allow public classes, staff training and meetings to be private and uninterrupted by customers to the lobby. This room will also be available for other staff and public uses. Visitors will be greeted in a lobby that celebrates the human-animal bond with open spaces and quiet areas for transactions.

  10. A look into the future… Several “Get-Acquainted” rooms will offer a homey setting for families to interact with adoption pets.

  11. A look into the future… Large dogs will have large kennel runs arranged so that they do not directly face each other. This arrangement helps limit stress for the dogs and keeps the area quieter. Cats and kittens will be showcased in colony rooms that allow cats to move around the area and interact with other cats and kittens. Individual caging will provide a clear view of the cats without “bars”.

  12. Half way there…. • The citizens of Fort Worth have already approved a 665K bond that will allow the City to add a spay and neuter clinic to the current facility. Adoptable animals will be “fixed” before ever leaving the shelter. This already puts us one step closer to lowering the number of homeless animals by limiting the number of puppies and kittens born in our community. • With your help, the FWACCC can become a complete, all-purpose facility that will have a dramatic effect on the conditions of the lost and homeless animals in our community.

  13. SUCCESS! Naming Rights for Individuals and Businesses • 500K Adoption Center Building • 120K Large Dog Adoption Area • 120K Community /Education Center • 100K Small Dog Adoption Area • 80K Cat and Kitten Adoption Area • 25K Get-Acquainted Room • 10K Audio – Visual Equipment Individual Donations • $100 Personalized Brick • All other monetary donations accepted to help further our goal.

  14. Thank You!

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