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Animal Biomes

Animal Biomes. By:Ruvi. Habitat’s and Biomes.

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Animal Biomes

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  1. Animal Biomes By:Ruvi

  2. Habitat’s and Biomes My animal the eastern quoll, lives in the arctic tundra area. The arctic tundra is located in Alaska, Russia Eu rope , Canada and the far north.This type of Biome is dotted with bogs and ponds.It also has a short growing season lasting 50 to 60 days.

  3. Adaptations The eastern quoll is nocturnal, which means it is active at night. In the daytime the eastern quoll retreat’s to a den in a borrow. Some physical adaptations are that its fur can help it camoflauge. The eastern quoll has sharp teeth to hunt.

  4. Physical appearance The physical appearnce of the Eastern Quoll is that it has cream white belly fur,sensory whiskers,short legs with pink clawed feet,a long hairytail, a pointed snout and it is about 2 feet long.

  5. Diet The eastern quoll is a carnivore. This means that it eats meat. The eastern quoll eat insects and they prey upon rabbit’s and mice. They sometimes scavenge on carrion. The eastern quoll also competes for food with the tazmanian devil.

  6. Lifecycle The eastern quoll is pregnant for 21 days. The eastern quoll give birth to 30, but only 6 survive. They are marsupials so the mother carries the baby on its back for some time. The eastern quoll live 2 to 5 years.

  7. Other plant’s and animal’s Other plant’s and animals that share this biome are Artic foxes, Caribou, falcons, and Snow Geese.

  8. Extra Extra …. Eastern Quoll population reduced to critical level, it faces severe threatening process. Save the Eastern Quoll!!!!

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