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A Digital World Enrichment Cluster PowerPoint Presentation
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A Digital World Enrichment Cluster

A Digital World Enrichment Cluster

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A Digital World Enrichment Cluster

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  1. A Digital World Enrichment Cluster Instructors: Ms. Savoca Ms. Newkirk

  2. Welcome to ‘A Digital World’Enrichment Cluster! This club was created to expand student knowledge of technology use. Students did the following: • Explored and created digital presentations • Created blogs, webpage's, voice threads, and more relating to the content of technology class • Learned how to be safe online and the ethics that should be used when researching and using content that belongs to others • Navigated through many websites (Only2clicks, EduTecher, Brainshark, Prezi)

  3. All students completed a survey created from Google Docs. This was done on the first day of class to see how comfortable they felt at the time with technology.

  4. The class navigated through websites linked to our homepage ‘A Digital World.’ These sites taught them how to be safe online and avoid plagiarism.

  5. I learned many things throughout this whole experience. I have learned how to make a pencast. Mine was about our school mascot, Tina Tern. I learned how to record over Brainshark. I learned how to make a Prezi presentation. Technology is very fun. I learned how to create my own page on my teacher's wikispace. I learned how to find new websites. Making PowerPoint's was a blast for me.-Yoheidy

  6. -Ashton

  7. I had a lot of fun in this cluster. I learned how to put pictures onto my profile or webpage. I now know how to make my own PowerPoint. I found new websites like Brainshark. Brainshark helps you make a presentation about anything you want with voice recording. This is going to help me in fourth grade because now I know how to use the computers and which websites to go to. -Angel

  8. I am in second grade and I learned that you can put pictures in Microsoft Word to make a Power Point. I also know how to add a text box or caption to a picture. I use this to put in notes. I made presentations for: John Cena, Drake, and Abraham Lincoln. I could even change my pictures into different shapes like oval shapes and stars. I liked when the teachers helped me with my presentation when I didn’t know how to do the text box. -Jeremiah

  9. -Jenerson

  10. I had lots of fun in this cluster. When I first came to this cluster we did lots of new things in the computer. This can help me a lot in the future. In Power Point you can create anything you want. We got to check out new websites like Prezi, Brainshark, and 3D tin which I found on EduTecher. I added pictures to a webpage for people in my class to get to know me. -Angelo

  11. I learned about Ms. Savoca’s class website – Bronx Stars. I learned how to record my voice on the computer from Brainshark. I made a Prezi presentation on Sheddon. I got to know my classmates by looking at their webpage's. I understand Smart Art which is found on Microsoft Word. -Joshua

  12. What I learned about digital world is how to make a Power point and how to post pictures from bing. I added it to Ms. Savoca’s web site called So next year for a cluster you should go to digital world and I swear you would love this cluster! -Ayanie

  13. I learned how to make pictures in Microsoft word. I also leaned how to put pictures in the internet. I also learn a website to put picture of things I like. I also know who to put shapes in the Microsoft word. Now I know how to make a Power Point and slideshow. -Jovanni

  14. -NoahI learned a lot of things. I learned a new website to find new websites. I foundout how to make a power point. I addedM.s Sovocas website called Bronxstars.wikispaceand added pictures fronbing .and that’s mostly every thing I laerned

  15. -Jose

  16. Bryan

  17. Emmanuel

  18. I learned that when you make a Power Point you can put different kinds of frames around pictures. Ms. Savoca also taught me about EduTecher when you can sign in and look at different cool websites. Brainshark is a website used to record your voice over presentations. I like this club because I know a lot about technology and now I know even more!Jason

  19. Danny

  20. Briana