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  1. Minecraft By Ethan Xydis

  2. Gamemodes • In Minecraft before you start you must know about gamemodes • Gamemode 1. You can never die unless you fall in the forge, or you type /killalso nothing you have can brake and you have unlimited items also if you attack a block it breaks instantly.

  3. Gamemodes (part 2) • Gamemode 0. In survival you can die in many ways and it takes a while to break thing unless you have the right tolls also you need to find martials be careful! • Gamemode 2 In adventure mode you can’t break or place anything so you’ll die easily.

  4. Gamemodes (part 3) • Hardcore mode in hardcore mode you only get one life so if your in hardcore mode and you have 64 diamond blocks and you die to bad so sad no more diamonds.

  5. MODS!!!!!!!! • Mods are things that add something new to Minecraft. • For example the Ather mod it adds a heaven in minecraft and new mitrals and tools /armor and of cories new mobs. • Also things like the herobrine mod it only adds mobs and blocks (tip if you just stared minecraft don’t get the herobrine mod).

  6. Controls • When you start Minecraft you don’t know how to do anything! But there's a solution • Press the Esc button and go into options then go into controls and then you can mess around with them.

  7. Order of pickaxes • For pickaxes you need to now the order of mineing things. • Wooden mines only stone. stone only mines iron and stone lapzilplozlie. iron mines lapizlozlie stone iron diamond and gold. Gold is like iron. Diamond can mine every thing but bedrock.

  8. Redstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • The one thing I love the most a bout minecraft is Redstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • In minecraft you can make really awesome machines but I’m just going to say what certain things do redstone transfers redstone signals. • Redstone repters refresh the signal and can cause dialyses and can not bend like redstone and can not power things on slants unless it’s going up.

  9. Redstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(part 2) • Pistons are things that push things and if you make a sticky piston it can push and pull also they are very useful. • There are 4 different versions weighted ( light and heavy) can only be activated by items. Wooden can be activated by players or items and mobs (a.k.a monsters). Stone can only be activated by players or mobs.

  10. Top secret do not read

  11. There is a app with many secrets it is called guidecraft