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3 Hypnotic Secrets to a $100k/Month Listing PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Hypnotic Secrets to a $100k/Month Listing

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3 Hypnotic Secrets to a $100k/Month Listing

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3 Hypnotic Secrets to a $100k/Month Listing

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  2. Hello! • Diane Boerstler, M.NLP – Wife, Mom to 4 • The Hypnotic Amazon Copywriter • I write Amazon listings – 10k, 30k, 50k & 100k per month…220,000,000+ in sales…

  3. Hello! No brag tactical session *Q&A at End* Please Ask Questions =)

  4. Income Disclaimer Lawyers Says I Have to Tell You… While I offer a 10x revenue guarantee on all Hypnotic Amazon Listings I optimize – aka “If I say you’ll make back 10x’s what you invest in my services, you will or I’ll re-optimize until you do” Tactics giving FREELY obviously don’t apply…

  5. WHAT I DO GUARANTEE TODAY! $1000 of Value Just Follow Along Ask Questions Implement

  6. FREE GIFT DIAGNOSIS CHECKLIST…*Transform Your Poor Performing Listing into a Profitable Powerhouse*

  7. Just 3 Things… 1. Ask me any questions you’d like at any time: diane@amazonsalesguru.com 2. Everything I say today is based off analyzing more than 10,000 listings across every category and optimizing more than 1000… 3. APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE - VERY DETAILED so you can use it as a TACTICAL RESOURCE (refer back – put it to work for you!)

  8. Let’s Get Right to It! 11 Steps to Diagnose, Cure & Profit (…or create a high-converting listing from the day you launch!)

  9. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 1 Give your listing MUCHO LOVE… It’s your 24/7 Sales Person You Get Out What You Put In… Are you treating your listing like a FULL SALES PAGE? Title = Headline, Bullets = Bullets, Description = Story/Trust

  10. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 2 Speak ONLY to ONE PERSON Your Highest & Best Buyer! (The rest will trickle in…) Ask, “Am I speaking to an audience in an auditorium, or speaking to my ‘best friend’ at a bar?’

  11. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 2 The RARE Exception – Multi-Target Products Brain Supplement – Student = Tests, Grandma = Memory Foam Roller – Fitness = Weight Loss, Back Pain = Trigger Point Therapy They’re looking for DIFFERENT transformations and results…

  12. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 3 Future Pace Regret/Success “Am I painting a picture of *how* life will continue to feel miserable if they don’t buy my product…and how life will TRANSFORM (improve) when they do buy and use it?”

  13. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 4 How Button Research – Do It! (Are you using THEIR language?) Look at (competitors) reviews, questions, outside forums… Find patterns…Identify commonly used power words/phrases… USE THESE in your listing =)

  14. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE VIVID Imagery Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic – Olfactory – Gustatory USE A MIX OF TOP 3 (4 & 5 When Warranted)

  15. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE (Continued) Visual – Use sight words Auditory/Linguistic – Use sound, speech, dialogue Kinesthetic – Use feeling/physical tangible words Olfactory – Talk about bad/good smells Gustatory – Talk about bad/good tastes

  16. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE Visual Words • Analyze appear clarity conspicuous dream distinguish envision clarity • Examine envision focus foresee horizon idea illusion illustrate imagine “Imagine viewing the vivid coloration of…” http://persuasive.net/120-persuasive-words-that-build-rapport-vak/

  17. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE Auditory (Sound) Words • Announce articulate audible boisterous communicate converse discuss • Dissonant divulge earshot enunciate gossip hear hush listen loud “Ring a Bell…” http://persuasive.net/120-persuasive-words-that-build-rapport-vak/

  18. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE Kinesthetic (Emotion/Physical Tangible Words) • Active affected bearable callous charge concrete emotional feel • Firm flow foundation grasp grip hanging hassle heated hold hustle “feel the sturdiness the moment you hold it in your hand” http://persuasive.net/120-persuasive-words-that-build-rapport-vak/

  19. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 5 VAKOG LANGUAGE Olfactory/Gustatory “Rich Mouthwatering Aroma of Fresh Brewed…” “Every succulent, juicy bite…”

  20. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 6 POWER UP & INTENSIFY Review every word! “Is there a more POWERFUL word that paints a more vivid picture?” Often > Sometimes > Frequently > Always Angry > Frustrated > Enraged Good > Excellent > Awesome> Unparalleled/Unbeatable Thesaurus is your best friend!

  21. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 7 SATISFY ALL READER BRAINS Reptilian = Cave Person/Subconscious = Skimmers Conscious = Cautious/Tactical = Deep Readers “Am I using TONAL MARKERS as HOOKS & STOPPERS to make my customer read deeper…” “Am I using them to PUSH every HOT BUTTON?”

  22. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 7 TONAL MARKERS • ALL CAPS hook that trails off at the beginning of each bullet point • HOT BUTTON transformation/feature/benefit words ALL CAP within each bullet point

  23. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 7 TONAL MARKERS (Example) SALON GRADE - NOT YOUR MAMA’S curling iron: If you want to look like polished, classy and GORGEOUS all day, without touch-ups, then you’ll love how [product name] gives you FLAWLESS, BOUNCY, touchable spirals that STAY SET ALL DAY – even in high-humidity environments!

  24. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 8 USE POWER WORDS “Can I use any of these words below in my listing?” You, Money, Save, Results, Health, Easy, Love, Discovery, Proven, New, Safety, Guarantee, Free, Yes, Fast, Why, How, Secrets, Sale, Now, Power, Announcing, Benefits, Solution (Revisit and use this like a checklist!)

  25. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 8 Desire  Focused Action (Buy Me!)  Transformation/Outcome Human Nature – Away From/Towards Away from Problem – Towards a Better Life

  26. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! ASK YOURSELF… Does everything in my listing… • SPEAK to their desire • SHOWCASE how their life won’t transform without your product • PAINT A PICTURE OF how their life WILL transform when they do • PROPOSE A SOLUTION – buy me to change your life now

  27. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 9 Speak to 7th Graders Use simple language – no industry jargon – no unknown acronyms Keep bullet points to 250 to 350 characters (whenever possible) ENTERTAIN your potential customer – make it WORTH reading! Give your product a VOICE - use warm, friendly, caring tone

  28. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 10 Don’t Sell, Let Them Talk Themselves Into Buying! Be a Therapist – Solve a Problem Create an Endorphin Rush – Evoke Emotion What pain are they avoiding… What pleasure are they gaining… How does my product help them avoid pain/gain pleasure?

  29. 11 Steps – Diagnose, Cure, Profit! Step 11 7 FIGURE SELLER TACTIC - SPLIT TEST!! Write 5 Title Variations, 15 Bullet Points, 3 Description Variations Split Test on Splitly Until You Find the Winning Horse! Average $18,000+ ADDITIONAL PROFIT on an ‘ALREADY OPTIMIZED’ Listing

  30. ADVANCED TACTICS… 3 Hypnotic Secrets to a $18k, $30k Even $100k Per Month Listing

  31. “Does Hypnosis Really Work?” Really? Nothing is THAT powerful, right?? People are waking up to the power of conversational hypnosis because an Ohio attorney was just sentenced to 12 years in prison for using hypnosis techniques to put 6 female clients in a trance so he could sleep with him… Bears repeating; this stuff is POWERFUL, use with CAUTION…

  32. 3 Hypnotic Secrets • How to Avoid Getting Banned By Amazon, or Slapped by Government Regulatory Agencies with The CLAIM NO CLAIM Language Pattern • How to Instantly Justify WHY Your Customer Should Buy from You by Setting a HYPNOTIC FEATURE ANCHOR • How to stop focusing on just Features and Benefits and use TRANSFORMATIONAL LANGUAGE instead…

  33. Secret #1: Claim No Claim • Use: Overcome skepticism about your product and shift their belief so you evoke buying emotions… • …without upsetting the people who decide if you get to keep selling (FDA, FTC, Regulatory Agencies)… • Perfect for health, financial, diet/weight loss market…

  34. Secret #1: Claim No Claim You CAN’T SAY… “This cures cancer…” “This is guaranteed to make you drop 30 lbs in 30 days…” “This will make you a million dollars a year…” (Amazon sends out the goons…) Big No-No…

  35. Secret #1: Claim No Claim You CAN Say… “While I can’t say XYZ supplement cures cancer, I can say that success stories and testimonials from 100+ customers demonstrate substantial hair regrowth in just 3 weeks…” Step 1: Point out what you can’t claim (even if it’s true) Step 2: Point out what customers say (or studies say or authorities say, etc)

  36. Secret #2: Hypnotic Feature Anchor Use: Stop sounding like the other guy… You don’t sell ‘the same thing as the other guy…’ • …position product a ‘one of a kind’ and anchor your product’s performance/features into prospects mind… • …so they compare ever other product to yours and of course, buy yours…

  37. Secret #2: Hypnotic Feature Anchor • Why It Works: Our brains like things SIMPLE… • We remember things that are simple, or meaningful. • You’re one of 4000 bits of data your customers brain is processing…

  38. Secret #2: Hypnotic Feature Anchor • How? • It’s comfortable and molds to your ear becomes • ComfortMold Technology, or Revolutionary ComfortFit Technology • 2 Words VS 7 Words – Easier to remember, right?! • Make it either SPICY or about what they WANT MOST…(comfort when working out, earbuds to stay in ears)

  39. Secret #3: Transformational Language • Use: Create a subconscious image of them already owning your product and using it… • …because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy…and it makes 80-98% of the buying decisions…

  40. Secret #3: Transformational Language • …because people buy on EMOTION and justify with LOGIC. Using transformational language paints the picture that ‘fills in the blank’ and triggers the emotional frame they must experience before they’ll buy… • Features are LOGICAL • Benefits are EMOTIONAL • Transformational Language LINKS the logical and emotional in the brain…

  41. Secret #3: Transformational Language • What does the subsconsious mind want to: • Experience… • And Why? IDENTITY: • Be seen in a sexy car/burly truck • Be seen as a big tough man or super cool chic

  42. Secret #3: Transformational Language • Product: TRUCK • Feature: Powerful Engine (6.9L International) • Benefit: Screams down the road

  43. Secret #3: Transformational Language • Transformational Language: SO YOU CAN… Why does that feature/benefit matter? • So you can scream past all those tiny red sports cars and make her smile… • So you can confidently accelerate and maneuver like a stealth hawk – and arrive home in time to watch the big game… • So you can [Fill in the Blank]

  44. So the obvious question is… How can you apply these powerful tactics for crafting hypnotic, high-converting Amazon listings?

  45. Slow Sales VS Fast Profits Option 1 Slower – DIY – Cost ‘Trial & Error/Time’ Free Checklist will Help You See Some Results! https://amazonsalesguru.convertri.com/100ktemplate I ALWAYS ASK MYSELF… “Does this fit in with my ‘why’? What’s this worth to me and my family? How badly do I want more profit? Am I willing to invest the time? Is this the best and highest use of my time or should I focus on what I do best?”

  46. Option 2: Fastest/Most Profitable “An Expert in Your Corner” Save 20% - 50% on Hypnotic Amazon Product Listing Packages - Single, Multiple & 6 Figure Split-Testing (Limited Time) SEE PROOF/RESULTS/TESTIMONIALS BEFORE YOU INVEST http://www.amazonsalesguru.com

  47. GUARANTEED RESULTS 365 Days of Unlimited Edits 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 10X Revenue Guarantee You’ll make back 10Xs MORE in revenue than you invest with me, guaranteed. http://www.amazonsalesguru.com

  48. QUESTIONS? Ask Away…=) OR drop me a line at Diane@AmazonSalesGuru.com