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A day in the life of a student PowerPoint Presentation
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A day in the life of a student

A day in the life of a student

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A day in the life of a student

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  1. A day in the life of a student • Sometimes it may be difference but my whole student life ,I’ve realised truth , a student without a routine of wark never can prosper in life and can make right use of time. • I’ts not be seen but a man , individually through his daily activities not only express himself but also his country, lifestyle, culture etc to other countries. • So, I always try to maintain my daily routine, which is really linked with my country life style, with the break of dawn my day begins.

  2. Getting up early in the morning I brush my teeth, wash my hands, face and take my ablution and say my prayer.

  3. After my prayer I go to the open field to take physical exercise.

  4. After taking exercise I get back home and take my breakfast.

  5. Then I go to my reading room to prepare my day’s lessons. • I read for one hour at a stretch with complete devotion to studies.

  6. At 7 a.m. A get my self ready to go to school which starts from 7-30 a.m.

  7. I go to school on foot. There is a simple reason of it. On going to school I see a lot of people through they are completely different from each other. I always feel pity for street children of my country. I also see at the same time the children of upper classes while going to school of the same age. I also see some office going men and women wearing shirt-pant and saries-kamiz.

  8. By the way reaching school I attend the assembly and perticepent the froggrame.

  9. Then I go to the class room and take my seat and pass valuable 7 period daily.

  10. I always enjoy my classmeet after school hours.

  11. Then I go to the Computer room to learn the Computer.

  12. When the school is over I come back home direct and fresh my self.

  13. Then I take some light refreshment and go to the field to play with my friends.

  14. Coming back i take ablution and say evening prayer. After it I go to my reading room & study with deep attention.

  15. At 9:00 PM I take my supper. As I am a Bangali I like to take rice, Meat, Fish, Vegetable.

  16. They are all Bangladeshi foods. After it I with my family watch TV to remove monotony. At that time, I like to hear Bangladeshi songs, serials, reports making on our cultural activities. Sometimes I also watch satellite channel & western music to compare and to know other. I am really, sorry to say, some students & young’s are addicted to western music and culture but I love my country music. My culture as it is based on my existence.

  17. I always share my feelings with my family. I enjoy it so much that my father and mother always help me to concern what is bad and good, what should I take and what not.

  18. After passing a very busy day I brush my teeth, take ablution and say my Esha prayer. Then at 11:30 PM I go to bed. In bed I always thank God as I took my birth in this family, in a very beautiful green country, not in so luxuries but in heavenly.

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