power fill operation demonstration see installation and operation manual for detailed instructions n.
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  1. Power-Fill Operation Demonstration(See Installation and Operation Manual for detailed instructions)

  2. Power-Fill • Refill apparatus foam cell from ground level • Safer • Economical • Two models available • D.C. motor driven, on-board mounted • A.C. motor driven, portable Stay off the top

  3. D.C. Power-Fill • Pump mounted on apparatus • 12 or 24 volt motor • Panel mounted push-button control • Pre-plumbed piping to foam cell

  4. A.C. Power-Fill • Portable pump • 110 or 220 volt • Panel mounted indicator light • Rocker switch control in cord • Pre-plumbed piping to foam cell

  5. Power-Fill Plumbing Diagram

  6. Power-Fill DC Apparatus Mounted Electrical Schematic

  7. Power-Fill D.C. Operation • Connect pickup hose and wand to the off-board pickup fitting on the panel • Place the wand end into the foam container

  8. Power-Fill D.C. Operation • Turn the refill/flush valve counter-clockwise to the refill position stop • Press the “GREEN” button once. The light will flash on and off while the pump is in operation

  9. Power-Fill D.C. Operation • When foam tank is full, “GREEN” light will illuminate solid and the pump will stop • If the foam source runs out of fluid before the tank is full, press the “GREEN” button again to stop • Place wand in fresh container of foam and restart the operation by pressing the “GREEN” button. (DO NOT allow pump to run dry as damage will occur) • When the foam level drops in the foam tank, the “GREEN” light will go out

  10. Power-Fill D.C. Manual Operation • Repeat steps 1-3 above • Press and hold RED button to run pump • Button will illuminate solid red while pump is running • Solid GREEN light indicates full tank • Release RED button. (Note: When operating manually, the pump will not shut off automatically when tank is full)

  11. Power-Fill D.C. Flush Operation • Turn the refill/flush valve clockwise to flush position stop • Place pickup wand in container of fresh water • Place empty container under flush drain line

  12. Power-Fill D.C. Flush Operation • Depress and hold RED button until discharge fluid is clear • Release RED button • Drain Power-Fill lines after flush to prevent freezing and/or foam contamination

  13. A.C. Power-Fill Refill System • Portable foam pump/motor assembly and a visual interface typically mounted on the apparatus panel • Manually switched on and off with a momentary switch mounted in the power cord • When the tank is full, indicator light on the panel illuminates • Apparatus kits available to plumb other apparatus.

  14. Power-Fill Refill System • Both systems include: • Panel placard • Cam lock fittings for external connection • Foam pump/motor assembly • Suction wand with 6 feet of 1" ID hose • Side-mount level indicator switch

  15. Power-Fill A.C. Portable SystemElectrical Schematic

  16. Power-Fill A.C. Operating Instructions • By following the steps listed, the AC powered portable Power-Fill system can be easily operated. • 1. Connect refill hose from pump discharge to the outboard pickup fitting on the panel. • 2. Place the wand end of the pump suction hose into the foam container. • 3. Plug the electrical cord with GFI into a standard 120 VAC outlet.

  17. Power-Fill A.C. Operating Instructions • 4. Depress rocker switch on power cord. This will run the foam refill pump. • 5. When tank is full, the “GREEN” light on the panel will illuminate. • 6. Release the rocker switch and the switch will turn off the foam refill pump.

  18. Power-Fill A.C. Operating Instructions • Flush Operation • 1. Place wand in container of fresh water. • 2. Place end of pump discharge hose in empty container. • 3. Run refill pump by depressing rocker switch, until discharged fluid is clear.

  19. Power-Fill A.C. Operating Instructions • 4. Release rocker switch. • 5. Drain Power-Fill lines after each flush to prevent freezing and/or contamination of foam. • 6. Unplug power cord from receptacle and store unit.

  20. Power-Fill Refill SystemTroubleshooting • Most electrical system problems can be traced to faulty wiring • Follow the diagrams in the I/O manuals and carefully check all connections • Make sure proper power is being supplied and ground connections are clean and solid • Excessive electrical interference or momentary low voltage on the power lines can cause erratic operation • Troubleshooting guide provides quick diagnosis of problem and corrective action