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Setting up the perfect Log Book PowerPoint Presentation
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Setting up the perfect Log Book

Setting up the perfect Log Book

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Setting up the perfect Log Book

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  1. Science Project Setting up the perfect Log Book

  2. Science Project It is a composition book that contains EVERYTHING about your science project Your log book is the journal or diary of your science project It should be with you every step of the way from start to finish of the science project

  3. Science Project You should use blue or black ink only in your log book Don’t worry about it being typed It should be neatly written so it is able to be read

  4. Science Project Begin by neatly printing your name, your school, and your grade on the front cover of your log book

  5. Science Project If your log book has an information area on the inside neatly fill in that information as well This will get the log book back to you should you be separated!

  6. Science Project Next number the pages Skip the first page front and back Begin numbering with the second page Number each page front and back in the bottom corner closest to the outside edge

  7. Science Project You may use store bought tabs or make your own using cardstock. For me, the color does not matter.

  8. Science Project Now you may ask… “Why are the first two pages blank?”

  9. Science Project The first blank page will have the title of your project neatly printed on it Don’t worry about that now since you don’t even have a topic yet. It will be filled in later before you turn your project in to me

  10. Science Project The second blank page will become the table of contents That way the reader will be able to quickly read about any part of your science project without paging through the whole log book

  11. Science Project Now let’s recap the page numbers, colors, and order…. Page 1… title page Page 2 …table of contents Page 3…Daily Notes and Reflections Page 43..Research Page 99..Experiment Set up Page 117..Data Collection Page 151..Results Page 187..Recommendations