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Microsoft Ignite NZ

Microsoft Ignite NZ

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Microsoft Ignite NZ

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  1. Microsoft Ignite NZ 25-28 October 2016 SKYCITY, Auckland

  2. SAP Applications on MS Azure Logan Gouws - SAP Netweaver Lead Sudesh Lourdes - SAP HANA Lead Leverage the Value of SAP on Azure [M226]

  3. Agenda SAP MSSQL 2016 on Azure Business Problem Why have we gone down this path Technical overview SAP HANA on Azure What is SAP HANA? The challenge Technical Delivery Key Points

  4. SAP MSSQL 2016 on Azure

  5. Business Problem Quick turn around on hardware. Cost Future proof the environment Turn on and off as needed

  6. Use as much as little at the ‘turn of a handle’ Principals of lean Why Azure?

  7. Azure as • Snote: • Minimium VM size is A5 • G and D series has some restrictions • 2 or 3-tier configuration is only supported with DB data files and DB log files placed on • Azure Premium Storage • High Availability is supported via windows server failover cluster with replication for non shared storage • For more info see Microsoft KB article 2721672 • SAP Note 1928533 has a guide you can also follow.

  8. Azure as supported SAP Platform – Services • Configurations supported: • SAP NetWeaver 2-Tier (SAP and DBMS in one VM) • and 3-Tier configurations (Dedicated DBMS VM and scale-out SAP application layer in multiple VMs) • are supported • Production SAP systems only supported in Hybrid-IT scenarios (see slide 13) • Scenarios involving communication between SAP systems on Azure and on-premise are only supported in Hybrid-IT scenarios • Demo/Trainings or sandbox systems also can run in Azure-Only scenarios (see slide 11) • DBMS and complete SAP application layer need to be in one location (either on-premise or on Azure) • All components of a SAP application layer need to be in the same Azure region • Support services required • Microsoft Premier Support contract: • SAP support contract

  9. SAP Deployment on Azure in Azure-Only scenario • Connectivity to SAP systems in Azure goes through internet • VMs in Azure not part of on-premise domain or DNS • Restricted communication between systems in Azure and on-premise • Only supported for Training and Demo scenarios with SAP

  10. SAP Deployment on Azure in Hybrid IT scenario • Communications through VPN tunnel or ExpressRoute • On-Premise AD/DNS extended into Azure • On-premise and Azure hosted SAP systems in same domain • Communication between SAP systems in Azure and on-premise transparent • Supported for Hybrid and production SAP landscapes in Azure

  11. Structure of SAP/DBMS VM in Azure IaaS II

  12. Azure Storage Accounts and VM Mapping II • Azure offers Geo-Replication which will replicate data in VHDs from one region to another region (e.g. US West to US East) • Failover can not be initiated by customer – Microsoft decides failover • Read-Only access to Geo-Replicated files not applicable to SAP scenarios • Problem with Azure Geo-Replication: • In opposite to SAN where different LUNs can be replicated in timely ordered fashion, Azure is not able to synchronize replication between different VHDs •  Not suitable for VHDs containing database files • Keep in mind that write performance with Geo-replication can take a severe hit •  Disable Geo-Replication for Storage Accounts containing database files

  13. SAP HANA on Azure

  14. SAP HANA - next generation platform to analyse large quantities of data • SAP requirement in 5 to 7 years • Real time in memory computing for

  15. HANA is a combination of Software and Hardware + In-Memory Computing Engine (Software) Pre-InstalledSystems (Hardware)

  16. Cuddling the customer to • implement the concept • First in NZ and competition • pressure • Positioning a SUSE Linux system on • a full Windows environment • Moving 400GB structured data to SUSE Linux cloud platform • Managing networks i.e. DNS, • firewalls, sub nets • Testing and optimizing SAP HANA data The MS/SYD Challenge

  17. SAP HANA Appliance on Azure

  18. Sizing and Layout

  19. SAP Pre-requisites and data export

  20. SAP HANA build and install

  21. Post BW on HANA footprint DB Sizereducedby 50%

  22. Post BW on HANA speed test

  23. Post BW on HANA speed test

  24. Key points for success • Work closely with customer and MS Team • Read, Breath and Sleep the SAP • Install Guides • Ensure all pre-requisites are met • Set up and review network/platform infrastructure before starting • Use SAP Certified tools • Never give up

  25. SYD / Microsoft – Where do we go from here? • Take Azure all the way to S4 HANA • Work towards SAP HANA being available on a Windows Platform