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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

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  1. Ice Cream By Thalia Hawkins

  2. Table of Contents • Description • History • Places in the world people have it.

  3. Introduction • Has eating Ice Cream ever made you wonder who came up with the idea of ice cream? • Or maybe what the first Ice cream tasted like? • I think Ice Cream is interesting because of it’s history.

  4. Description • Usually in the 1700 to 1800’s they would collect snow in the winter and put it in an underground storage and in the summer they would take it out and put fruit on top of it for dessert. • Now it is made usually by a machine out of ice, milk or cream, sugar, and flavoring.

  5. Description • After years passed there soon came what is now the most common thing to hold ice cream other than a bowl, the waffle cone. • The waffle cone was invented on accident by a waffle maker when he accidentally made a thin waffle and shaped it like a cone.

  6. History • No one knows who came up with ice cream. All we know is that an Italian trader named Marco Polo brought recopies of ice waters to England from China. • Common way people made ice cream in the 1600’s is that they would take ice, snow, and a mineral called saltpeter and freeze mixtures of cream, fruit, and spices with it.

  7. History • Basic flavors like vanilla or chocolate didn’t come until the 1900’s when ice cream was introduced to the U.S.A.

  8. Places in the World People Have It • Normally Europeans did these recipes, but it started in China. • Soon after ice cream was introduced to America people experimented with different ways to improve it.

  9. Conclusion • In conclusion ice cream is an interesting treat because of its history. • As I said, Marco Polo Had a huge part in this. • Although we never knew who invented ice cream, just remember that ice cream is a delectable treat shared by everyone.

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