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PUBLIC RELATION. Is a planned effort to influence opinions, perceptions, sentiments, and public attitudes using two-way communication. Title The Poster. It’s Simple CPR Saves. THE PUBLIC.

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  1. PUBLIC RELATION Is a planned effort to influence opinions, perceptions, sentiments, and public attitudes using two-way communication.

  2. Title The Poster It’s Simple CPR Saves

  3. THE PUBLIC • The public is a group of individual drawn together by common interests who are in a specific geographical location, community, or area or characterized by some other common features: • 1. age • 2. lifestyle • 3. interest • 4. diversity • 5. opinion

  4. How do you gather information on what the public thinks? • 1. surveys • 2. questionnaires • 3. opinion polls • 4. interviews • 5. focus groups • 6. town meetings • 7. observation • 8. research

  5. Mavericks Dump Coach Johnson • The Dallas Mavericks fired coach Avery Johnson in what might be one of many off-season decisions after the league's highest payroll produced a 2nd consecutive first-round knockout from the playoffs. • April 30, 2008 (FPRC) -- Avery Johnson leaves the team with an impressive resume after more than 3 seasons. However, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wasn't happy with a bottom line of being 3-12 in the playoffs after blowing a 2-0 lead in the 2006 NBA finals. After that, the team had to deal with the embarrassment of being booted by Golden State in the opening round last year in one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. The Mavericks didn't win any road games in a 0-9 skid that was impossible to overcome.Johnson was a championship-winning point guard for San Antonio. He became the Maverick's coach in training when he joined Don Nelson's staff in 2004. After a few months Nelson stepped down Johnson took over. Dallas went 16-2 the rest of that year and won the playoff series. During his first full season, the team went to the NBA Finals for the first time, making him the NBA coach of the year.The Mavericks won 67 games, matching the 5th most in NBA history. They ended up wasting it with their opening round playoff loss to Nelson and the Warriors. Experts said that Johnson was out-coached by Miami's Pat Riley in the finals, then by Nelson. Johnson changed his starting lineup for Game 1 against Golden State even though his team was the overwhelming favorite.Johnson's departure became imminent in the Hornets series. He admitted that he was to blame for the team being down 2-0. Afterwards, Josh Howard admitted on a local radio to show that he and other NBA players use marijuana. After losing Game 4, Johnson canceled an off-day practice but later found out that his players put themselves through a workout without him.Johnson may not be unemployed very long. The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks are among the teams in need of a coach. Either may be interested in a coach that preaches discipline and defense. It's hasn't been determined who Johnson's successor will be. Cuban inherited Nelson when he bought the team and then they both agreed to groom Johnson. Paul Westphal was on Johnson's staff and Del Harris is still on the payroll as a consultant. Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Carlisle are other experienced coaches who might be considered. Either way, whoever takes over will inherit a team of expensive, aging players. Types of public relation Press Release News Release Press Conference Radio, Television, and Cable spot. Video/Film production Brochures Posters Exhibits Demonstrations 8. PSA – Public Service Announcement

  6. Learning Task - 4 • Develop a PR event to promote an organization using one of the types of public relation. • Presentation from each group • Nov. 15th • Nov. 17th • Nov. 19th if needed

  7. Public audit

  8. PUBLIC AUDIT • A PR audit is an examination of the program or organization publics. The public audit has 4 categories: a. identify the publics. b. determine what the publics thinks. c. measure publics concerns and issues. d. evaluate the publics power and influences.

  9. EXAMPLES OF YOUR PUBLICS Identify Identify

  10. EXAMPLES OF YOUR PUBLICS Identify Identify

  11. PUBLIC THINKS What is the public thinking?

  12. Public concern/ Issues What is the concern or issue here?

  13. Sports Survey • Adapted from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Campaign for Alcohol-free Sports TV [http://cspinet.org/booze/CAFST/CSPIsurvey.htm]. Used with Permission. • Answer the following questions: • Do you consider yourself a sports fan? • Do you ever watch sports on television? • Can you name three types of products featured in commercials aired during televised sports events? Have you ever seen an ad for beer during televised sports events? • Which beer brand do you most see advertised on sports TV? • Beer ads aired on sports TV reach a significant number of teenagers. • Beer companies that advertise during televised sporting events know their ads appeal to persons under the legal drinking age. • Do you think brewers intentionally target people under 21 with their ads during sports programming?Yes No Don't know • In your opinion, does beer advertising during televised sporting events encourage underage persons to drink? • In your opinion, does beer advertising during televised sporting events encourage viewers to drink more than they normally would? • Do you think beer advertising or sponsorship should be allowed for college and university sporting events?

  14. MARKETING Public Relation • Is a planned effort to influence opinions, perceptions, sentiments, and public attitudes using two-way communication. • Is the process of planning and executing a program designed to bring about voluntary exchanges of values with a target markets. Marketing


  16. MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing strategy involves a combination of three integrative activities Selection of one or more target markets. Setting marketing objectives. Developing and maintaining an appropriate marketing mix (the six Ps) STRATEGIES: Product/program Publics Place or distribution Pricing Production Implementation g. Evaluation

  17. SUMMARY • 1. Know the terms: Public Relation, Marketing, and Public Audit. • 2. What are the four categories of a Public Audit? • 3. What are the three integrative activities for a marketing strategies? • 4. What are the (6) Ps in the marketing mix?

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