3748 turman loop suite 101 wesley chapel fl 33544 n.
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Public Relation Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Relation Companies

Public Relation Companies

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Public Relation Companies

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  1. 3748 Turman Loop, Suite 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Toll Free: 800-881-7342 Local: 727-443-7115 Fax: 813-994-9380

  2. Testimonials "EMSI played a crucial role in my campaign for Teamster President. I appeared on talk shows in virtually every media market and they secured television and print coverage wherever I campaigned!" • Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., Former President, Teamsters Union

  3. Testimonials “I am so grateful to all of you at EMSI. Working with all of you has been one of the best career decisions I've ever made. Hope we can keep going for years to come.” • Janet Pfeiffer, President & CEO, Pfeiffer Power Seminars Author, The Secret Side of Anger

  4. Testimonials “We would love to have Marsha Friedman come to work for us full time! We devour her informational emails; Our Director of Marketing has our marketing staff (who are the best book marketing people in the industry) read everything she sends us. She is top-notch across the board. We receive tens of thousands of submissions and only about 2-3% are even considered by our house. Of the few who do get a publishing agreement with us, we are always delighted when we hear that Marsha has sent them our way. She knows this business!” • Richard Tate, PhD, Founder, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

  5. Ways to Get the Most from Publicity • Post it on your website - The endorsement of traditional media, even if it's simply discussing your name, is marketing gold to anyone trying to build a company, sell a product or get a book into even more hands. The endorsements indicated by recognition from the media make you appear more credible and qualified-- and thus more appealing than your competition. • Use it on social networks - Advertise upcoming job interviews-- "Looking forward to chatting with nationwide radio host Jim Bohannon at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Love his program!" "Like" the program on Facebook, follow the host on Twitter, and look for other means to cross advertise. As soon as the program airs (or the post is released), you have actually got a new post: "Great chat with Jim Bohannon on Tuesday! If you missed it, here's a link."

  6. Ways to Get the Most from Publicity • Integrate it into your sales and advertising materials - Share links to some of your finest protection in your online advertising product and make certain to utilize it in flyers, brochures, direct-mail advertising and other promotions. • Reference it when pursuing speaking engagements. You'll greatly increase your chances of getting the job if individuals vetting speakers know that you've gotten media attention. Ensure it's on your speaker profile and in your advertising products. Let's face it, the more essential you are, the much better it makes them look.

  7. Ways to Get the Most from Publicity • Don't forget to keep your internet site, marketing materials, and so on updated with your latest protection. Sure, that post from 2007 can still excite today; but if it appearances like that's the last time the media sought you out, the impact diminishes. • Whether you've paid someone to assist you get media exposure or you've done the work yourself, you've made an investment in PR. It's easy to obtain a great return on that investment and gain the benefits for a long time, providing you put it to work for you.

  8. About EMSI As an award-winning, top national public relations agency, EMSI has been delivering highly specialized publicity campaigns for over two decades. Our specialty is creating angles we know the media will want to cover and will obtain quality media exposure for our clients.

  9. Public Relation Companies Through the years, we have worked with clients spanning a wide array of industries from authors, publishing, health, food, music, software and finance, to politics. EMSI customizes its clients’ PR campaigns to focus on specific objectives and we only work with quality media to ensure the results meet our clients’ needs and expectations. EMSI Public Relations was a pioneer in the field of public relations, offering pay-for-performance PR long before being joined by other agencies. Today, EMSI Public Relations represents all its clients on a performance and project basis.

  10. The EMSI Mission Statement With a 24-hour TV, radio, print and online news cycle, digital media now delivers the news faster and in ways previously unimagined through the airways and the Internet, appearing on televisions, radios, PDAs, laptops, cell phones and networks simultaneously in a global community, reaching billions of people daily.

  11. The EMSI Mission Statement EMSI’s mission is to assist our clients to engage the power of the news media with bold strategies and innovative tactics, offering a unique client-agency relationship that mitigates risk while increasing opportunities. EMSI strives to be more than just a public relations firm, but rather an irreplaceable business partner, key to the success of each of our clients. Most importantly, we are driven to help companies and individuals with ethical messages, products and services become very well known so that they may prosper while enhancing the survival of those they serve.

  12. A Message From Marsha Marsha Friedman, CEO for twenty-two years, my public relations firm has operated on a simple philosophy: Caring greatly for our clients while meeting their expectations minimally and exceeding their expectations optimally.

  13. A Message From Marsha Our talented production team, housed in our News & Experts division, capitalizes on the media relationships we have developed over time, enabling us to secure quality interviews for our clients on radio and TV, and editorial exposure in newspapers and magazines. In fact, our News & Experts team is well-known by the media as a resource for newsworthy content, which is why they often call us when looking for top quality guests. We also pride ourselves on the peace-of-mind that our “pay-for-performance PR” model provides our clients. We were one of the pioneers of this model over twenty-two years ago, which enabled our clients to receive more than just our “best efforts” with the media, but rather an actual guarantee of media exposure in exchange for their fees.

  14. A Message From Marsha We truly cherish our clients and appreciate them as part of the EMSI family. I say “family,” because we work as a cohesive unit in a pleasurable atmosphere like few others. Please visit the EMSI team page of this site to meet the family and feel free to get in touch at any time! Warm regards, Marsha Friedman

  15. 3748 Turman Loop, Suite 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Toll Free: 800-881-7342 Local: 727-443-7115 Fax: 813-994-9380