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greek mythology tattoos

greek mythology tattoos

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greek mythology tattoos

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  1. Greek mythology tattoos The very first rule of having a tattoo is to receive one that means something. Everybody knows that, right? Of course, nobody can tell you what should and shouldn't have meaning to you, giving you the freedom to get a tattoo of anything you want. In the last few years, more and more folks are finding a relationship with Greek mythology and getting inked with all the creatures, deities, and heroes that ordered much of life in ancient Greece.

  2. Initially thought, which may sound a little silly to some people, particularly those who didn't care much about studying ancient Greece in school. But people who look under the surface will find a world of interesting stories, iconic characters, and deep meaning. There's Medusa, a monster with snakes where her hair should be. There's Atlas, who is tasked with holding the world on his shoulders. There's Poseidon, the God of the Sea that possessed enormous power. There's the Phoenix, a bird that could live numerous lives by rising from the ashes. There is also Achilles, a war hero with a fatal flaw.

  3. The listing of iconic figures and animals within Greek mythology goes on and on. Every had a different significance to the early Greeks, and to get some, that meaning remains relevant today. There remain symbolism and lessons that we can take away from Greek myths, making them ideal for people looking for a significant tattoo. In addition to this, with the right tattoo artist, the creatures and gods of Greek mythology is able to appear crazy cool on just about any region of the body. To show you exactly what we mean, below are the 80 best greek tattoos for guys with amazing layout and style. Resources