what is a wilson brand softball made of n.
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What is a Wilson Brand Softball made of? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Wilson Brand Softball made of?

What is a Wilson Brand Softball made of?

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What is a Wilson Brand Softball made of?

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  1. What is a Wilson Brand Softball made of? Gwyneth Lietz 12/11/11 5th Hour Mr. Emmi

  2. Cork Major Materials

  3. Some suggestions I have for why they choose these materials are as follows, leather (because it is flexible), synthetic leather (because it is waterproof), poly-core (because it is strong), cork (because it has elasticity), and thread (because it is strong). Why these Materials were chosen

  4. One of the materials I found the origin of is thread. The raw materials that thread is made from are cotton, and wax. The geographical origin of cotton is North Carolina. • The process starts with giant bales of cotton, then the cotton rolled into sheets called laps, next individual fibers are separated straightened cleaned, and brought together into fluffy ropes called slivers, next six to eight slivers travel overhead and are then blended into one thick sliver, next a series of rollers spins the rovings into yarns, then A twist applied in a left direction gives the fibers strength and flexibility, then it is dyed in a vat, next thread is transferred to retail-size spools by spooling machines, then the tread is boxed and shipped all over the world. 6 1 7 2 3 8 The Origin of Thread 4 9 5

  5. The people who invented the sport of softball are George Hancock and Bakir Dzananovic. The object first appeared was Chicago, IL Farragut Boat Club, Thanksgiving Day of 1887. The design of a softball used to be different. “The original softball used by the Farragut club was 16 inches in circumference. However, Lewis Rober, Sr., the man responsible for organizing softball games for firefighters in Minneapolis, used a 12 inch ball. Rober’s ball won out as the preferred softball size, and professional softball games today are played using a 10 – 12 inch ball. However, many Chicagoans still hold fast to the belief that real softball is played using a 16 inch ball made of leather and thread.” Now for fast pitch the dimensions are 11±0.125 in and the softballs are made of leather, synthetic leather, poly-core, cork, and thread. . Old softballs Current Softballs History of the softball

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