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Echo Show Setup

Echo Show Setup

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Echo Show Setup

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  1. Echo Show, Echo Show 8 & Setup Process Amazon Echo Show 8 is one of Amazon's latest developments in the smart speaker market. Its small 5.5 "screen and a tighter price are the main points in favor of a speaker that tries to offer a somewhat different service to the hegemonic ones in the market. Is it worth doing with a similar device? Let's analyze Echo Show 8 in search of answers. In the fight to master the entire spectrum of smart speakers, Amazon offers a different approach with the discreet and comfortable Amazon Echo Show 8. With this speaker, the sound power has improved compared to other models and it has a small 5.5-inch screen that supports some functions. This touch screen speaker is more speaker than a tablet and the screen has a function closer to watching television than to be able to navigate or perform other functions. As a speaker with the Alexa assistant, it maintains the usual and expected features. However, its size is the highlight, as positive as negative in both areas. As we had the opportunity to enjoy it for a season, the analysis of the experience offers a series of verdicts, tips, and opinions on this Amazon bet. This small version of the Echo Show also has a much lower price and today you can buy on Amazon for 89.99 USDs, a price that can be judged as appropriate if you take advantage of the screen, otherwise, it is somewhat excessive in Comparison with the competition. This smart speaker with a screen can serve as a first step towards buying another kind of model in the future, its maximum against is the size of the screen that can be judged as small compared to what is found in mobile phones today. Comfortable and Discreet Design The size of Amazon Echo Show 8 is what stands out in the first contact with the smart speaker. Its small size of 148 x 86 x 73 mm places it in a very particular market space where it is complicated to be the only speaker in the house, but it is a perfect complement to place in some space of the home. It can be bought in white or black colors. It has a non-slip rubber that occupies almost the entire base and makes it impossible for it to slide or fall from any surface. Side and back have a rough touch and the LCD screen has buttons on the top. On the back, it has the power port, micro USB input, and the 3.5 mm minijack connection to connect headphones or speakers if desired or a sound source. The possibilities of connection are limited in this aspect and a USB port is a cast, although this is part of the vision of simplicity that you want to show. At the top of the Echo Show 8 has three buttons and a sliding key. Two of the buttons are to increase and decrease the volume. Something that I have not touched at any time since whenever I have done it has been by voice command to Alexa.

  2. The other two buttons face the privacy of the users. One of them is to activate and deactivate the microphones and the camera just by pressing it. Remember that there is a controversy over whether the speakers listen and record to the users, which would be partially solved in this way. The other key slides to cover the camera when desired in case you only want to use the microphones. The camera only serves to make video calls. On a global level, it is a fairly small speaker that can be placed anywhere in the house without disturbing you in the least. It has a 1.5-meter long power cable, which helps in this aspect. The smart speaker lacks battery, so it has to be plugged in at all times. In case of being disconnected fortuitously or by a blackout, it does not lose the configuration (Wi-Fi, user, etc.): after starting it returns to its correct operation. The goal of being a small speaker with a screen that does not occupy as much as its older brother, Amazon Echo Show, is met. Let's see your possibilities. For more you can visit or can call @ toll free number +1-844-260-1666