setting up your amazon echo connect echo to wifi n.
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Setup Amazon Echo & Connect Echo To WiFi PowerPoint Presentation
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Setup Amazon Echo & Connect Echo To WiFi

Setup Amazon Echo & Connect Echo To WiFi

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Setup Amazon Echo & Connect Echo To WiFi

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  1. Setting Up Your Amazon Echo & Connect Echo To Wifi If you bought an Amazon Echo, you must be incredibly excited to set it up. Thankfully, the setup doesn't take much time and it is really simple, so you can get right to it. When you are about to start the Amazon echo setup, make sure you have the Echo, your mobile device and your WiFi handy. Keep the echo plugged in to a power outlet so that there is no chance of a low or dead battery which could interrupt you while you are doing the setup. When you plug the device in, it should light up blue and eventually turn orange, telling you that your device is ready to be setup. Place it 8 inches away from any windows or walls when you are about to start the amazon echo setup. Once you have completed these steps, it is time to download Alexa app. The amazon alexa app is a crucial part of your alexa setup. Without the app, you will not be able to setup the device. You can download the app from the Appstore if you are an iPhone user or the playstore if you use an android phone. There are also versions of the app available that can work on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge from WiFi enabled computers. You can find the links to the downloads at https// and install the app.

  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you should sign in to your account, or sign up for a new account through http// If you have an existing account, just enter the credentials and you will be able to login. In case you have forgotten your password, you can use the forgot password option and reset your credentials using the password reset link that will be sent to your inbox. If you need to create an account, visit https// and follow through with the simple sign up process to create it. All you need to give is a few details along with your email ID. You will then receive an email requesting you to verify your email address. Please click on the link in the email and you will have completed your account registration. Once you have logged in to your account on the app, you will have to pair the Amazon Echo with your app. To do this, find the settings button in the app and click on add a new device. If your Amazon Echo is on, you will find it in the list. Click and pair the two, after which you can connect Echo to WiFi. The device may need some updates, let it run and once it is finished, you will be able to use your Amazon Echo.

  3. If the above process doesn't work, customer support will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. However, this relatively easy process works almost everytime, and there should be no problems with the setup.