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  1.  "We have given this academic title either to a fool or a genius. Time will show.“-Gaudi’steacher. Wewillsee,is he a foolor a genius ? GEOMETRY IN ARTITECTURE ANTONIGAUDI

  2. Modernismealso known, in English, as Catalan modernism, was aCatalan cultural movement. The name is a catch-all for a variety of artistic and cultural symptoms, and is often understood as an equivalent to a number of 3art movements, such as Symbolism, Decadence and ArtNouveau / Jugendstil, active from roughly 1888 to 1911. The modernisme movement was centred on the city of Barcelona, and its best-known inarchitecture was AntoniGaudí.Sowewill talk aboutAntonıGaudi’s life,masterpieceandimportant of AntoniGaudiforGeometry. MODERNISME

  3. AntoniGaudí was born in 1852inReus. He was the youngest of five children, of whom three survived to adulthood. Gaudí had a deep opinion for his native land and great pride in his Mediterranean heritage. He believed Mediterranean people to be endowed with creativity, originality and a natural sense for art and design. AntonI GAUDI (LIfe)

  4. He designedlamppostsforPlaçeReial SomephotosfromPlaçeReial

  5. In 1883 Gaudí was put in charge of the recently initiated project to build a basilicacalledLa SagradaFamília. From La Sagrada Familia

  6. Casa BatllO

  7. This study of nature translated into his useof ruled geometrical forms such as the hyperbolic paraboloid, the hyperboloid, the helicoid and thecone, which reflect the forms Gaudí found in nature. RelationshipBetween of theGaudi’sStructureandGeometry HyperbolicParaboloid Hyperboloid HelicoidColumns

  8. Gaudí found a lot of examples in nature, for example in rushes, reeds andbones; he used to say that ‘’There is no better structure than the trunk of a tree or a human skeleton.’’ Inside of Casa Mila

  9. These forms are at the same time functional and aesthetic, and Gaudí discovered how to adapt the language of nature to the structural forms of architecture. Another geometrical form used by Gaudí,was the catenary curve.

  10. Gaudí evolved from plane to spatial geometry, to lined geometry. These constructional forms are highly suitable to the use of cheap materials such as brick. Gaudífrequently used brick laid with mortar in successive layers, as in the traditional Catalan vault

  11. When he wasbuildingthe La SagradaFamilia, He inclined the columns so they could better resist the vertical pressures on their section. He also gave them a double turn helicoid shape (right turn and left turn), as in the branches and trunks of trees. This created a structure that is now known as fractal. ExapmleforFractal

  12. In mathematics, a paraboloid is a quadric surface of special kind. There are two kinds of paraboloids: elliptic and hyperbolic. The elliptic paraboloid is shaped like an oval cup and can have a maximum or minimum point. In a suitable coordinate system with three axes x, y, and z, it can be represented by the equation.

  13. This is an elliptic paraboloid which opens upward. The hyperbolic paraboloid is a doubly ruled surface shaped like a saddle. Forexample a ellipticparaboloid. Forexample a hyperbolicparaboloid.

  14. Hyperboloid structures are architectural structures designed with hyperboloidgeometry. Often these are tall structures such as towers where the hyperboloid geometry's structural strength is used to support an object high off the ground, but hyperboloid geometry is also often used for decorative effect as well as structural economy.

  15. The helicoid, after the plane and the catenoid, is the third minimal surface to be known.Its name derives from it’s parallel to the helix: for every point on the helicoid there is a helix contained in the helicoid which passes through that point. Helix on cordinatesystem Helicoid on cordinatesystem

  16. Finally,Gaudí achieved perfectly logical solution, creating at the same time a new architectural style that was original, simple, practical and aesthetic. Rosary of Montserrat Entrancegate of theGuellPavilions

  17. Gaudi’sunfinishedproject