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Company Profile. Berkeley Sourcing Group is a Turnkey M anufacturing M anagement C ompany for new products to be produced in China. Founded 2005, Berkeley, California, USA. Shenzhen Office. We manage all phases of manufacturing to give our clients direct access to the value of China

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Company Profile

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  1. Company Profile • Berkeley Sourcing Group is a Turnkey Manufacturing Management Company for new products to be produced in China. • Founded 2005, Berkeley, California, USA. Shenzhen Office

  2. We manage all phases of manufacturing to give our clients direct access to the value of China • Improved designs for Chinese manufacturing. • Deep understanding of language and culture intricacies. • Established networks of suppliers. • Prolific experience with all common technologies. • Proprietary Project Management Software. • Detailed Quality Control processes. • Communicate Western customers’ expectations through the supply chain.

  3. The Berkeley Sourcing Group Network includes: • Hundreds of vetted factories and supporting business entities • 8 Offices located throughout manufacturing hubs of China • 3rd-party testing tabs • In-house factories in Shunde (Guangdong) and JiShui (Jiangxi) • Western management of project managers

  4. Business Model Bridging our clients to qualified factories in an honest and transparent way . Added value through translation (both language and cultural), quality control, engineering, in-house manufacturing services, and on-the-ground support and vigilance. Striving to create enduring long-term relationships through open communication and process control. Work in our clients’ best interests in all facets of their business.

  5. Industries Printed goods Food/Hydration Electro-mechanical Watches Housewares Health/Beauty Tools/Hardware Textiles Furniture Electronics Sports products Organizer products

  6. Materials Electronics Rubbers Fabrics Metals Plastics Silicone

  7. Processes Molding • Injection Molding • Blow Molding • Microinjection • Press Molding Product Printing • Pad printing • Silk screening • Heat transfer • Water transfer • Offset printing

  8. Services • Design review and feedback • Prototyping • Tooling • Manufacturing: • Factory sourcing and qualification • Manufacturing prep (specifications, scheduling…) • Assembly • Quality control • Logistics • Packaging

  9. Prototyping • Create prototypes for more than ½ of the products we manufacture • Significant savings in China for higher quality prototypes than offered by 3D printing • Overseen by our engineers and other technical staff 3rd-Party Quality Control If you are producing with another factory, let us give you the peace of mind that your products are correct before shipping them: • Factory Audits • Raw materials, Inline, and Final Inspection

  10. Location With factory complexes in the Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces, BSG is well positioned to offer both high quality and cost effective manufacturing services.

  11. In-House Services • Injection Moulding • Microinjection • Assembly • Packaging • Warehousing • Product Testing • Document Control

  12. Factories

  13. Joint Venture If your needs require it, BSG is able to set-up a joint venture factory for better quality control and cost management in one of our existing facilities

  14. Representative products Clean Bottle • The only sports bottle with two caps • Amazingly leak-proof • Can stand on a bottle 2/3rds full of water with no leaking • International distribution to 1000’s of stores as a one-product company • Caps and nozzles produced in-house

  15. Representative products BKR Bottle • Silicone sleeve with PP Cap • Featured bottle of the ‘TED conference’ 2012 • Environmentally Friendly

  16. Representative products Stretchsit Cushion “The Stretchsit™ cushion makes driving comfortable again, and more. Unlike a lumbar support cushion, Stretchsit elongates rather than compresses your low back, giving you the natural, healthy spinal shape shared by children, athletes and people in traditional societies the world over.”

  17. Representative products Sweat GUTR • Redirects sweat away from eyes • PVC Microinjection with Velcro and elastic band • Manual and challenging microinjection manufacturing process managed in-house at low cost in Jiangxi facilities

  18. Representative products Everyday Innovations: BookSling & Picopad • An elastic band with sewn ribbon • A stationary pad with sticky notes and pen

  19. Representative products Modify Watches • Created tooling and prototypes. • Manage 13 different components from various factory, assembly, packaging, quality control. • Turn key manufacturing allows Modify to do what they do best, sell their products!

  20. Contact Us USA Phone: (+1)415-315-9804 Email: sales@berkeleysg.com Address: 2125 Spaulding Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703 www.berkeleysg.com www.berkeleysg.com/blog

  21. Thank you for your time and we hope we can make your new product another manufactured success story! 再见

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