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vocab 4

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  1. avertv. avoid; preventBy following the safety rules, we will avert any disaster.conductn. actions and words; behaviorThe group’s conduct during the field trip was excellent.copev. deal with problemsMarcia often cannot cope with the demands of her job.invincibleadj. unconquerable; incapable of being defeatedWe have won every game so far, so we feel invincible.reconciledv. made friendly again; brought into harmonyThe neighbors had argued for years before they were reconciled.reserven. holding back; self-controlA quiet and shy man, Stuart spoke with reserve.reverev. honor; admireThe people of our town respect and revere the mayor.sentimentsn. feelingsJoanna has strong sentiments about keeping the environment clean.

  2. arduousadj. difficult; challengingThey faced an arduous journey over desert and mountains.efficiencyn. skill in avoiding wasteQuick service shows the efficiency of our lunchroom.implementsn. tools for doing workRakes and shovels are gardening implements.indulgev. yield to desires and whims; enjoy to excessWanting to indulge himself, Jim bought the expensive tickets.insidiousadj. deceitful; treacherousAn insidious plan is a mean and dangerous one.irresolutionn. uncertainty; hesitationIrresolution took over, and they were unable to make a decision.spurnedv. rejected; scornedSpurned by the judges, Maria did not get a part in the play.vigilantadj. alert to dangerA good watchman is vigilant.

  3. ampleadj. more than enoughWe have an ample supply of medicine; it is more than enough for everyone.compactadj. closely packed togetherBe sure the boxes are compact, so that they take up a small space.conferv. give; grantWe confer this honor on you today in recognition of your bravery.continualadj. repeated often; not interruptedTheir continual appearances on television have made them famous.establishmentn. a thing set up (house, business)People have bought tea at this establishment for a hundred years.extensiveadj. covering a wide area; vastThe extensive landscape stretched out before her.inconveniencen. lack of comfort; troubleThe train delay was a major inconvenience for everyone.metamorphosisn. change of form or shapeJon has undergone a metamorphosis since he began working out at a gym.