by janine hall grade 5 alpha n.
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By Janine Hall Grade 5 alpha PowerPoint Presentation
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By Janine Hall Grade 5 alpha

By Janine Hall Grade 5 alpha

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By Janine Hall Grade 5 alpha

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  1. By Janine Hall Grade 5 alpha

  2. Mortifying Monday I call it, the day I will never forget. As usual, I woke up late. That is not the bad part. My parents were still snoozing away, so my mum couldn’t get me my uniform.

  3. I looked and looked but it was nowhere to be seen. Then it clicked – my mum always keeps my uniform in her wardrobe. Finally! I put on my uniform so fast that my skirt tore. What else could go wrong?

  4. I decided that I had to go to school like that, so I went to wait for the school bus. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock …. Time and time passed but the bus never showed up.

  5. So I had to go on a girl’s worst nightmare – THE PUBLIC BUSES!!! The worst part is that it was the day before the new buses arrived, so everyone was riding the yellow buses for the last time and I couldn’t just take one bus to get to school but …THREE.

  6. I asked the kind driver of the third bus to drop me off right in front of St Joseph School but I forget to tell him Sliema. So I ended up in Blata l-Bajda. I had to take all three buses again. When I finally got to school, I saw kids walking by school in casual clothes. I had to go back home!!

  7. When I finally got home, I couldn’t find my cute top I’ve been wanting to wear all year. So I ended up wearing a horrible top and jeans. I went on the buses again. When I got to school I realized that the door was closed. Then I remembered … It was a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!