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A special day of holiday

A special day of holiday

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A special day of holiday

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  1. "Carmen Sylva" School, Eforie Sud A special day of holiday 28th of October, 2011

  2. It was a beautiful autumn day, when we visited the Folk Art Museum in Constanta, a beautiful town on the Black Sea Coast. We liked there a lot because we are always taught to make beautiful things. Last year we made masks and the ladies from the museum helped us. The masks were exhibited in the museum and then in our classroom. This year we have made folk costumes for dolls, made by us from wooden spoons.

  3. We visited the museum, and observed the beautiful costumes from different parts of the country.

  4. We listened to the explanations given to us, but we also had a little rest, as we became a little tired… and we had “work” to do!

  5. We also met Martinica – the mascote of the museum – dressed in folk costume...

  6. The lady who works at the museum showed us several models of costumes and explained us the working phases.

  7. We prepared everything necessary on the table: a wooden spoon, a piece of white cotton textile for the doll’s dress, a piece a red woolen material, a tricolor ribbon for belt a piece of lace to cover the head, threads of yellow or black wool for hair, colours to paint the face, a pencil, scissors, glue, pieces of fur of different colours for the jacket and cap. We tied a pencil across the spoon, to be the hands. We made a long dress and tied it at the middle with the tricolor ribbon…

  8. … then drew the face: nose, eyes and mouth.

  9. We made the hairdo... the head dress, put neckless at the „girls”’ necks, flowers in their hair...

  10. … finished the costumes...

  11. We made the „boys”’ jackets, caps, tricolor belts...

  12. … we learned to make their „legs”…

  13. … we learned a lot from each other...

  14. Our country coordinator, Cornelia Platon, who’s also the Folk Costumes project coordinator, was there with us and she showed us a gallery with photos representing dolls in folk costumes made by her students and by other children from around the world.

  15. It was a wonderful day... like we are: the Fantastic Lefo-Pici! Class 2nd A, Coordinator teacher: Alina Theodorescu

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