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March 2007 PowerPoint Presentation

March 2007

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March 2007

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  1. NDS NSW Regional Meetings NDS Regional Report Round Four, 2010 March 2007

  2. Presentation by Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC)ADHC Regional Report

  3. NDS State Issues Report

  4. Update on Action Items from Round Three, 2010 ADHC Update: Stronger Together II Rally: 28 October 2010, FMS NSW Companion Card Update Post School and Day Programs Update Children, Young People and Their Families Update Accommodation Services Update Workforce Planning Update Ageing and Disability Update Industry Development Fund Update NDS State Issues Report Overview

  5. Update on Previous Action Items • Regional Action Items Report from Round Three, 2010 now available • See NDS website:

  6. Show Your Strength Rally 02 9256 3106 Show the STRENGTH of the disability sector and join the rally to support the continuation of the Stronger Together initiative to ensure positive outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers. Wear something BLUEand bring a rally sign. MC Broadcaster Allan Jones OA WHEN: Thursday, 28 October, 2010 12 Noon (assemble from 11 am) LOCATION:Sydney Opera House forecourt DURATION: 1 hour Invited NSW Premier Kristina Keneally Invited NSW Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell We all need to show our STRENGTH to ensure NSW’s political leaders continue to support disability services

  7. Funding Management System (FMS) ADHC is going live with FMS at the end of October, with phased implementation until new FY 11/12 FMS has been several years in the making and will replace several legacy data bases relating to the administration of grants and contracts Builds on local preparatory work with ADHC regions to improve data quality Communications to the sector expected very soon: Include a package of materials (Funding Agreement guidelines, sample forms, new service description schedules, schedule of assets, tax invoices etc) Significant variations (over $50K, 15%+ of overall funding, open/close outlets) will trigger re-issue of FA in new formats All intended to make it easier to track variations, understand at any point in time the full range of services and being delivered under the Funding Agreement ADHC Update

  8. Companion Card NSW • Update • Companion Card has been operational for 18 months • Over 8,700 card holders have been approved • Companion Card processes an average 500 applications each month • Companion Card has developed a double page promotion of the program in ADHC’s “Made you Look” publication which will be distributed state-wide • Over 2,000 affiliates now support the program in NSW • 1,648 applications have been received and approved for residents of NGO group homes compared to 716 cardholders from ADHC group homes • 2010 Projects • Targeted outreach and onsite assessing • Commencement of social media to promote use of card • Survey of cardholders and affiliates nearing completion

  9. New Projects • New materials for outreach to frail aged sector • 2010 Dance Party is being organised

  10. Companion Card NSW • Affiliate Update • Recent affiliates have included: • a selection of community colleges • the Parkes Elvis Festival • Mudgee Small Farm Field Days • Sydney FC • the Big Buzz Theme Park • A number of ‘progress meetings’ have recently been held with affiliates across NSW, with the aim of seeking feedback of businesses’ experience of the Companion Card • To date these meeting have proved very helpful with feedback indicating: • affiliates value being involved in the Program • consistent reports of new and repeat business from Companion Card cardholders • Additionally these meeting have sought to clarify the Terms and Conditions of a affiliation, to minimise issues of non-compliance

  11. Companion Card NSW Affiliate Update • The graph below illustrates the increase in Companion Card bookings over the last two years from three business affiliates

  12. School Leavers 2010 School leavers should have received their information letters in late September 739 eligible for Transition to Work, 382 eligible for Community Participation and 55 are ineligible Assessment results have gone to the relevant education sectors to assist with the transition to their post school environment Post School Programs webpage has been update on the ADHC website School leavers are to register by Friday 3 December 2010 Programs will begin in January 2011 OSS Places in LC/AA 23 places allocated in 2009/10 to new clients aged over 25 who entered ADHC-operated and funded accommodation services How are these places going? Post School and Day Programs Update

  13. Transition to Work TTW Stakeholder Group met on 6 October to review the TTW evaluation report and discuss next steps The program’s success should be promoted, information should be improved ADHC is preparing information for a Ministerial release of the Report Day Program Vacancy Management NDS has been working with ADHC Central Office to have this process pulled back, ADHC agreed to this until it has a better purpose and function Feedback from attendees Post School and Day Programs Update

  14. VOOHC There has been a delay with the implementation of the VOOHC Register For further information see the NDS NSW News Update dated 28 September Child Safe Training NDS is working with the NSW Commission for Children and Young People to offer Child Safe Training to disability service providers in NSW. Dates TBA Inquiry into the Provision of Education for Children with a Disability or Special Needs The final report has been released. It is available on the NSW Parliament website Children Young People and Their Families Update

  15. Key Findings: Increased funding More teachers with disability specific qualifications required Increased resources for children in mainstream classes Individual Education Plans for all students Response due from the NSW Government by 17 January 2011 Keep Them Safe NDS NSW will be holding another KTS Forum late 2010/early 2011 NDS continues to work closely with ADHC to identify issues for the sector in the implementation of Keep Them Safe Resources, information and newsletter on Keep Them Safe available at: Children Young People and Their Families Update

  16. Review of In-Home and Drop in Support Review continues, following state wide consultations at NDS NSW Round Three Regional Meetings Consultations have been held with over 70 NGOs as well as over 60 carers and clients Currently a client level survey is being undertaken with a group of NGOs Ombudsman’s Report on Devolution Report released (see NDS NSW News Update dated 23 September) Official Community Visitors The Ombudsman has launched OCV on-line, a system to enable a better analysis of the observations of community visitors Accommodation Update

  17. Resources to promote School Based Traineeships in Disability Work (SBT) SBT resources are expected to be distributed to employers before end of 2010 The resources will be electronically distributed to members, and include: A resource to help employers implement SBTs within their organisation; A guide to encourage students to undertake SBTs; A parents/carers guide; and A resource to encourage schools/career advisors to promote SBTs Workforce Planning Update

  18. ADHC Ageing in Place research Phase 1 consultations completed, this included the consultations held after the Round Three NDS NSW Regional Meetings An online survey will be going out to service providers shortly A carer survey will also be made available shortly. Please contact Tina Sinclair, (02) 9239 9086 to assist with distribution Next opportunity for sector engagement will be in early 2011 No interim findings yet FaHCSIA research and pilots FaHCSIA: release of discussion paper Inclusion for people with disability through sustainable supported employment - Discussion Paper FaHCSIA is running a number of pilot retirement programs Ageing and Disability Update

  19. HACC Reforms ADHC have engaged Aged and Community Services to conduct consultations with providers about the implications of the transfer of the HACC program Service Provider Consultations Penrith – Monday 1 November Alstonville – Friday 12 November Parramatta – Wednesday 3 November Campbelltown – Tuesday 16 Nov Sydney – Thursday 4 November Dubbo – Tuesday 23 November Port Macquarie – Wednesday 10 Nov Orange – Wednesday 24 November For registration information contact Judith Pulver – 02 8754 0429 Ageing and Disability Update

  20. Implementation Group Implementation Group has now been convened IDFIG An Implementation Plan has been developed The group strongly supports the diversity of the sector NSW Industry Development Fund

  21. Implementation Group Members Alison Crisp, Executive Director, Business Improvement, ADHC Anne Marie Dwyer, Executive Director, Prevention & Pathways, ADHC Christine Regan, NCOSS Deborah Hoffman, The Spastic Centre Dougie Herd, NSW Disability Council Emily Caska, State Policy Coordinator, NDS Eugene McGarrell, Metro North Deputy Regional Director, ADHC Gordon Duff, State Manager, Policy and Projects, NDS John Faithfull, ACES Inc Kate More, State Manager, NDS Lauren Murray, Deputy Director General, Service Development and Planning, ADHC Margaret Bowen, The Disability Trust Marie New, Hunter Regional Director, ADHC Pauline Stanley, Sylvanvale Foundation Rob Dawson, Samaritan Foundation Robin Way, Community Connections Samantha Taylor, Executive Director, Sector Development, ADHC Steve Jaques, Kurrajong Waratah Tim Walton, NSW State Committee Chair, NDS Valerie Appleby, Northern Deputy Regional Director, ADHC NSW Industry Development Fund

  22. Communications Strategy A Communications Strategy is being developed Updates and information will be listed on the NDS website under Projects NDS News Updates bi-monthly NSW Industry Development Fund

  23. Contact person Berice King Project Manager – Industry Development Fund Ph: 02 9256 3161 Email: NSW Industry Development Fund

  24. NDS Generic Report

  25. Social, Community, Homecare and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 Ensure you have the most recent version of the Modern Award (21/9/10) The Modern Award currently only applies to Constitutional Corporations It will apply to Non-Constitutional Corporations (those paying under NSW SACS Award) from 1 January 2011 Clauses relating to wages, penalties and loadings will not apply until 1 July 2011 Organisations need to begin planning for transition to the modern award if they have not already The Modern Award will entirely come into effect from 1 July 2011 Subscribe to email Award updates at: Award Modernisation Update

  26. Social, Community, Homecare and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 Recent Decisions Affecting the Modern Award Sleepovers - FWA determination on 23 August 2010: “The clause requires an employee to be provided with at least four hours work immediately before or immediately after a sleepover. This means that an employee can either work immediately before or immediately after a sleepover but not both.” Clarification sought from FWA regarding sleepovers being a penalty, in which case the NSW SACS Award will apply until 1 July 2011 Award Flexibility Agreements continue to apply Clause 28.4 should be considered: “Shifts are to be worked in one continuous block of hours that may include meal breaks and sleepover.” Members and other service providers should note that NDS is not an Industrial Advisory Body and this information is provided only for your consideration. Formal advice on industrial matters should be obtained from your employer/industrial advisors. Award Modernisation Update

  27. Social, Community, Homecare and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 Recent Decisions Affecting the Modern Award First Aid Allowance - FWA determination 23 September 2010: An allowance of 1.67% of the base rate per week ($12.70) is paid to an employee required by the employer to have a first aid certificate and required by the employer to provide first aid to employees A pro rata rate applies to part time and casual staff The first aid allowances only relate to the provision of first aid to employees, not clients Supported employees are covered by a separate Award and not subject to this decision Award Modernisation Update

  28. Fair Work Australia undertook inspections of disability services in September 2010, to gain a thorough understanding of the nature and requirements of work in the disability sector Updated Timeframes Inspections completed 16 September 2010 Employer evidence due 3 December 2010 Further inspections Jan-Feb 2011 Final hearing date 11 April 2011, a decision will follow this date Any pay rise will apply 6 months after a decision is made, and be phased in over 4.5 years NDS will continue to work with governments to ensure full funding for any wage rise FWA website has an email subscription service to notify of key changes and decisions SACS Equal Remuneration Order Case

  29. CEO Meeting 2010 Rydges Lakeside, Canberra, 6-7 December 2010 This annual highly-regarded event provides leaders from across the Australian disability services sector with analysis of national policy directions and advice on key management issues This conference is for NDS members only Registrations are currently open NSW State Conference 2011 Swissotel, Sydney, 14-15 February 2011 This annual event is the policy centrepiece for disability service managers and practitioners in NSW ‘Call for Papers’ is currently open Upcoming NDS Events

  30. NDS Special Projects Report

  31. Ongoing Performance Solid performance across all metrics continues From site visits, user registrations and logins, to time on site, number of job searches, applications, new visitors etc. All highlight ongoing success in attracting new and existing workers to a carecareer Since going live (less than 12 months), carecareers has attracted 190,000 unique individuals interested in a carecareer, 23,000 have completed career quizzes, 55,000 job searches have been undertaken, 2,269 vacancies have been advertised, 6,602 applications made, 4,130 individuals signed up to the talent pool, and 721 employers supported Results will pick up further with the launch of the 2011 campaign and cross project activity in 2010-11 carecareers Update

  32. Ongoing Development carecareers solutions continue to be developed and expanded - from new case studies, sector stories, blogs and forum topics on the web to the expansion of the schools and university recruitment initiative - projectABLE - to more locations, students and employers New solutions are also in development including aboriginal carecareers and culturally diverse carecareers (more in following slides), and a suite of employer education resources to dispel misconceptions of carecareers, share motivations of candidates, the workforce trends carecareers is identifying and affirm the benefits it delivers, all of which continue to be funded by ADHC, at no cost to users carecareers Update

  33. Aboriginal carecareers consultations (ongoing) Show support for complete pathways to employment in the sector – i.e real outcomes Show the need for building the cultural capacity of employers to make aboriginal participation in employment sustainable and valuable to all involved This is echoed by external research and consultations (e.g. AES, Skilling Australia, Aboriginal Recruitment Strategy, and other industries involved in Aboriginal cadetships, traineeships, mentorship, employment programs etc.) carecareers Update

  34. Priorities for an aboriginal workforce Career not job centric Existence of career pathways Support in career preparation (actions plans, advisors, training, community support, remuneration) Training that is aligned to the skills demanded by industry Language, numeracy and literacy supports to remove barriers Focus on indigenous youth (particularly given the size of this available workforce) A focus on solid career matches and career retention carecareers Update

  35. Priorities for any solution Close alignment between employers and schools Early engagement in schools (no later than year 9) Aboriginal employment programs that include culturally sensitive and dedicated support, but require the same levels of rigour and commitment of participants as other employment programs Solutions that support aboriginal participants to build their capacity to get and retain a career More sector perspectives are welcomed by to inform the strategy and program. Insights to date indicate carecareers can most productively build on its existing school relationships to provide early career preparation and support for Aboriginal youth, connect employers and schools, and work with the ARP to build the cultural capacity of employers carecareers Update

  36. Future ADHC has funded the next two years of carecareers More services will be available to support employers in their attraction, recruitment and retention More workforce learnings flowing out of the project will be shared with the sector to provide an evidence base to the workforce issues and needs operating carecareers continuously identifies The project has produced a number of school based traineeship and pocket disability work resources and will increase its elucidation of career pathways and training Culturally diverse carecareers will be formed as a new project manager is appointed For further information, visit carecareers Update

  37. Northern Region Held Yarn Ups in Tamworth, Narrabri and Moree in September/October 2010 A CEO’s/Senior Manager’s Yarn Up was held in October 2010 Meetings are being planned for the Mid North Coast and Far North Coast for October/November 2010 NDS, ADHC and NGOs are working together in developing an Aboriginal workforce initiative for the disability services sector in Northern Region Aboriginal Resources and Pathways Update

  38. Western Region Yarn Ups held in Wagga Wagga, Orange, Condobolin and Dubbo Formal ARP networks are being developed in theses areas Wagga Wagga to commence on 21 October 2010 Orange, Condobolin and Dubbo to commence in November 2010 The ARP is right on track in achieving it's set objectives Aboriginal Resources and Pathways Update

  39. Claims Assist Currently underway with 6 organisations Workers Compensation Industry (WIC) Codes Review Only limited information provided by members of National ADE Committee and based on this no further action to be taken OHS Benchmarking 30 organisations participated in second quarter 2010 Main causes of injury unchanged though entrapment increased this quarter Highest reporting continues in Community Participation and Accommodation To change method next quarter in line with OHS software coming online Disability Safe Project Update

  40. OHS Software Currently being developed with trial participants setting up own data Shared RTW Coordinator Caseload increasing and working with 10 organisations to date Communication strategies Website continues to be updated Workers Compensation forum held in September and vehicle safety proposed for early 2011 OHS Regional network meetings continue – today focusing on workplace violence and behaviour support OHS National and Sub-Committees developing minimum standards for Disability Sector OHS Update

  41. Current opportunities available: One day of Consultancy Support for all ADHC funded orgs with a turnover under $5m. Registration must occur by 31 October 2010 NDS has removed the QUT “Developing Your Board” online survey as a pre-requisite to access the consultancy support Final round of Regional Good Governance Forums for 2010 began 13 October on “Quality and Performance Management” NDS has purchased a subscription to “Governance and Management”, a newsletter aimed at the boards of NGOs in Australia for all ADHC funded organisations NDS is investigating running AICD courses for Board/Management Committee Chairs Register your interest for the Good Governance Program here: Good Governance Project

  42. NDS will be hosting Regional Behaviour Intervention Network meetings, in conjunction with the Regional OH&S Networks following each regional meeting Outcomes of the sessions Practical guidelines about how to successfully integrate the manual guidelines with OH&S systems; and Facilitating the further development of networks of good behaviour support practice in regional areas NDS NSW OHS & Behaviour Support Regional Meeting

  43. Development of resources The legislative requirements/obligations during the recruitment and selection phase including- wording of advertisements and employment contracts; development of job descriptions to ensure inherent requirements of positions are clearly outlined; conducting interviews and reference checking to ensure validity of qualifications and experience and relevant personality factors checking of references, CVs etc including how to conduct police / working with children / working with vulnerable adults checks; Establishing the suitability of physical capacity for the job role Modifying the job/workplace to suit the person to accommodate special requirements (e.g. disability) Probity and Employment

  44. Strengthening employment screening processes For voluntary Directors of Boards a summary of their legislative requirements/obligations on these matters, and a resource to support Directors to ensure that organisations are compliant with current requirements State wide training sessions Half-day regional forums in 23 locations TBC from Qtr 2 2011 Probity and Employment

  45. Additional Chapter - Its Your Business ADHC have engaged KPMG to develop a Good Governance resource to support ADHC funded orgs to prevent fraud and corruption NDS is facilitating the involvement of provider organisations ensuring the resources reflect current concerns and priorities within the sector The resource will be produced as an additional chapter to Its Your Business, the Board governance resource NDS is interested to hear ideas about how to support the roll out of such a resource, and other ideas to be proactive about fraud and corruption (eg whistleblowing 1300?) Fraud and Corruption Resources

  46. NDS National Issues Report

  47. National Disability Insurance Scheme Australian Disability Enterprises Update Award Modernisation Open Employment Update Review of the National Disability Service Standards NDS National Issues Report Overview

  48. NDIS Campaign Director – John Della Bosca Initial consultations have been held in NSW, WA and VIC, QLD consultations will be held in November 2010 Looking from a commitment from all parties in the NSW and VIC elections to be held in 2011 Campaign Co-ordinators have been appointed in WA, the recruitment process has begun in NSW, VIC and QLD Productivity Commission Inquiry Update Draft report due for release in February 2011 Public hearings in April 2011 Second round of submissions due in April 2011 Final report due to government 31 July 2011 National Disability Insurance Scheme

  49. Sustainable Supported Employment Discussion Paper Deadline for submissions now 25 November 2010 NDS has consulted with membership NDS submission being prepared – feedback welcome Consultations with supported employees and parents/carers underway Key issues facing the ADE sector Ageing of workforce most important issue Barriers to entry and transitions Wage issues Innovative employment models Australian Disability Enterprises Update