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Words often confused

Words often confused

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Words often confused

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  1. Words often confused Student: MakurovaAnastasiya Teacher: LevekinaAlbinaAlekseevna Form: 10 «Э»

  2. In English there are pairs of words, which often lead students confused and lost what word to use. This is due to the fact that both of these words have something similar, and translation. Let us discuss in more detail these pairs of words.

  3. House vs Home • Two words which are translated as «house», but have differences in meaning. • So, the house is a building in which people live and which has a kitchenette, bedroom, living room and etc. • Аndhome - a place where a person lives (be it an apartment, and van). • This house was built in 1896. • I usually go home after classes.

  4. Strangers vs Foreigners • For some people, this pair is also a difficulty, but you need to remember that a stranger -незнакомец, a foreigner - иностранец, and everything will fall into place. • I feel awkward when I am among strangers. • When I go abroad I never miss an opportunity to communicate with foreigners.

  5. Dessert vs Desert • This is an example of how one letter can completely change the meaning of the word. In the first case dessert - десерт, something sweet, and in the second desert - пустыня. Do not confuse these two words. • Children usually don't like soup, they like dessert. • Do you know that there are 2 types of deserts: hot (with sand) and cold (with ice and snow)?

  6. Landscape vs Scenery • Sometimes, describing the nature, we are wrong to use these words. And landscape, scenery and translated the same way - пейжаз, landscape. The difference is that the first word is used in relation mind or big space in the same territory and how it is organized. • If we are talking about the natural beauties, will use the word scenery. Another difference is that the landscape calculated noun, while the scenery - no. • Old buildings dominated the landscape. • The scenery was picturesque.

  7. Business vs Busyness • This error sometimes allow students. We must remember that business is connected with Commerce, purchase/sale of the purpose of earning money, and busyness - condition of employment, when you have a lot of work to do. • His business was very successful. • She has almost no time because of her busyness.

  8. Maybe vs May be Of maybe ( adverb) and may be (modal verb + verb to be) the main difference is that these are two different parts of speech. Translate them:maybe «probably» and may be «may be». Maybe I will visit her next week if I have time. Our boss was sick yesterday so he may be absent from work today.

  9. thank you for your attention